On 6/14/20 9:08 AM, Ted Felix wrote:

  Or even better, implement a percussion mode for the velocity ruler. That way it will show the notes as short for percussion like the matrix editor does.

I like that idea, Ted. I can't remember the whole process of trial and error and thought, but we ended up with the crazy nonsense for a good reason. I didn't like it at first, and I switched to 64th notes, but it caused problems with some hardware, so I switched to 16th notes, and I think that caused problems with some hardware too. I really can't remember that far back, but there's a good reason the percussion matrix inserts stupidly oversized note events, and just represents them as manageable diamonds. Doing something comparable on the rulers used with the percussion matrix sounds like a fine solution.

Notes entered from the percussion matrix will make gibberish notation, but it doesn't really matter. Rosegarden can't produce useful drum notation anyway. I thought about implementing that feature, and it's just way, way too much.

D. Michael McIntyre

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