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It looks like rosegarden sets the duration of the notes manually inserted from the piano roll into the drum track to 3840. This causes the velocity ruler to appear clogged up like you can see in the attached picture.

I honestly never use the drum/percussion matrix. I always edit drums in a 'normal' matrix editor. Reason being that drum samplers / synthe / etc. have a totally inconsistent behaviour: some will actually abide to the note duration (i.e. react to a note-off), some won't.

I also find the diamond shaped notes quite hard to use, move around etc.

The problem is, I think whatever duration is chosen there will never be a 'good' number because this much depends on the drum synth you are using.

Feature request: can we have a way to selectively mute notes into the piano roll/sheet without actually deleting them? (LPX have a similar function)

Honestly I'm a bit doubtful about this feature. What is the use case?
I'm a bit concerned one may end up with a bit of a clogged matrix UI. Also how should these notes be represented and handled in the notation editor?

I'm not sure if you're aware there's a way for selecting equal pitch notes and then either deleting them or setting them to velocity zero (which from a logical point of view is like muting them). Wouldn't the latter suffice?

Personally I would wish to see priority given to a better velocity / controller ruler: the more it's usable and nice the easier to do this stuff :-)

Any way to fix a drum track with wrong durations?

Currently I think (as said above) the best is to just use an 'ordinary' matrix editor and use the durations which work bet with your drum synth/sampler/library/...

My two cents.


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