Matt McCutchen wrote:
> Thus, syncdat gets #2 and #3 but (it seems) not #1.  Rsync running on
> a TCP-over-MTP tunnel would get #1 and #2 but not #3.  To get all
> three benefits, we would need to make a program that has both delta
> transmission like rsync and a parallelized protocol like syncdat and
> run the result on a parallelized, congestion-controlling protocol like
> MTP.  (Encryption, if any, would have to be done on individual packets
> instead of as a stream filter; I think MTP does this already.)  I
> would be very interested to see such a program and even more
> interested if it had a BitTorrent-like capability to pull pieces of
> the data from multiple sources.

I am in fact working towards such a program, though not with
proprietary congestion control. :-)  It's currently in the form of a
distributed database of 650 devices, which I aim to scale up to
internet numbers, and I'm very interested in distributed delta techniques.

-- Jamie
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