I'm currently running RT 4.4.1 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with MySQL 5.6 on Windows 
Server 2012. Recently, we enabled full-text indexing in native MySQL & 
everything is great. After doing some work on the server over the weekend, I 
discovered that the .sql files being generated for the backup are being 
"truncated" after the attachments table (~18-19GB).  After reviewing your 
documentation (https://docs.bestpractical.com/rt/4.4.1/backups.html) I realized 
my mysqldump command was incorrect. I'm working in a lab environment now to see 
how I can optimize/change my script to more closely match yours. The only 
thought I have right now is to exclude the data from the AttachmentsIndex as 
that would get rebuilt on restoration anyways. Is there any other reason that 
the backup would just "stop" after the attachment table? I apologize if this is 
beyond the scope of the forums thread.

Thank you in advance!

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