Excellent point. The MySQL TEMP folder was moved, but not the operating system 
ones. I'll see if I can move the OS temp locations to the larger drive today & 
see what that gets me. I've just gotten the last 30 lines of the "attachments" 
table .sql file so I'm checking that to see if maybe there's anything in the 
text that might cause a stop. Still looking into this one guys. Thank you for 
all who have answered so far! Will update as soon as I know more.

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There are temp files and temp files.  The files you moved may not be the ones 
you need to move.  You might try observing the free space as the backup 
proceeds and see what it is filling with.  That might give you a clue of which 
set of temp files need moved.  I.e. rt vs. web vs. MySQL vs. System vs. 
whatever.  Each may define temp files in a different way.  Config file vs. 
registry variable vs. environment variable vs. different environment variable 
vs. command line parameter vs. whatever.  We programmers can get creative.

As to the question you asked about indexing, I don't know.  That should be 
asked to the list at large.


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