All the backups I'm doing are local to keep performance high. I sadly lost the 
"discussion" to keep the MySQL server on a Linux machine. What we're going to 
try is the following:
We're snapshotting/backing up the system at regular intervals so I will always 
have a backup of the .sql files. I'm going to move the MySQL TMP folder to the 
larger drive to see if that solves the issue. I think you might be on to 
something with the drive issue as it looks to be the only consistent factor. 
I'll update as I know more.

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Just FYI:
When windows copies files between drives, I believe it copies them to a temp 
area first before copying the temp area to the destination.
It probably does this to avoid writing a partial file when running out of 
space.  Because it causes a doubling of data transfer, it is stupid, but then, 
it is Microsoft Windows.

If your backup process includes copying the result across drives, this could be 
the source of the problem.


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