Jeff - No limit that I'm aware of. If I look at a VM backup in December, the 
SQL files actually hit 19GB+ versus the "18 and change". The only other 
possibility that it COULD be is I've had to turn on Windows folder compression 
because the backups are getting so large their filling the drive. I could 
temporarily disable it to see if that is factoring into it, but I've bene using 
it all along without issue. The real kicker is I didn't notice the issue soon 
enough  so I'm having difficulty identifying what specifically went wrong.

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Another stab in the dark.  Is the destination file of the backup hitting a size 
boundary?  What size is it?  Anything close to a power of 2 would be 
suspicious.  Also, free space on the destination and on the temp/scratch areas 
need to be large enough.

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