I think you're being ignored by the mailing list because of the
suspicion that you may be using an illegal copy of this game.
Some people don't have a problem with copying a 20+ year old game for
a dead system.  Some do.

That's not really the issue I think. Perhaps no one has seen the patch or can advise?

I myself have not heard of an Atom Lite installer for Lemmings, so can't comment on how it's written or if it can be adapted for the Trinity. Does it use B-DOS cleanly or is it coded specifically for the Atom Lite? Would the patch author allow it to be modified for Trinity?

The more software that can be easily patched to make use of B-DOS the better :) My full commercial games have standard B-DOS friendly installers and there has been a few patches printed in SAM Revival for various bits of software over the years with more to come.

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