On 11/08/2014 12:19, Solaris104 wrote:
> I played this game and I found a bug in the level 3 (rating crazy),
> password NEYLEKNO.  Does it exist any fix and level codes for this game?
> Solaris104
What is the bug you think you found?  I've just tried it here and that
level does start correctly for me, though I've not tried completing it..

If you have a .SDF disk image for either Lemmings or Oh No More
Lemmings, the disk image is incomplete.  They are truncated at 80
tracks, but the complete disk uses 82 tracks, and will stop working at
one of the later levels that access the missing tracks.  I do remember
hitting the limit in the original Lemmings game, but I don't know where
the problem would be seen with the Oh No More Lemmings.  I did try
truncating my disk image to 80 tracks to see if I could reproduce it,
but level 3 (crazy) still started correctly.

If you can describe the symptoms in more detail I'll see if I can
reproduce it here.


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