Thomas Harte wrote:
I didn’t own either of the Lemmings titles back in the day so this is quite
exciting news. But is there a trick to getting Oh No More Lemmings to
work? It doesn’t boot on its own and performing a disk swap from the
Lemmings title screen doesn’t seem to get me anywhere...

From the Oh No More Lemmings page on WoSAM:

"In order the play the new levels, the player has to load the origianl Lemmings game, select “New Level” and enter the code “HNBVBVPN”. It will prompt for the “Data Disc” at which point you insert the “Oh No! More Lemmings” disc. The new game data will load - this includes adding one new difficulty level. The levels are now: Tame, Crazy, Wild, Wicked and Havoc"

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