Level 3 of Crazy on the Sam version of Oh No More Lemmings! is impossible
to complete.  I'm not sure if there was ever a fix.  I think the level
codes are on an issue of Fred so you can skip to Level 4.

On Sun, Aug 17, 2014 at 9:36 AM, Simon Owen <simon.o...@simcoupe.org> wrote:

> On 11/08/2014 12:19, Solaris104 wrote:
> > I played this game and I found a bug in the level 3 (rating crazy),
> > password NEYLEKNO.  Does it exist any fix and level codes for this game?
> > Solaris104
> What is the bug you think you found?  I've just tried it here and that
> level does start correctly for me, though I've not tried completing it..
> If you have a .SDF disk image for either Lemmings or Oh No More
> Lemmings, the disk image is incomplete.  They are truncated at 80
> tracks, but the complete disk uses 82 tracks, and will stop working at
> one of the later levels that access the missing tracks.  I do remember
> hitting the limit in the original Lemmings game, but I don't know where
> the problem would be seen with the Oh No More Lemmings.  I did try
> truncating my disk image to 80 tracks to see if I could reproduce it,
> but level 3 (crazy) still started correctly.
> If you can describe the symptoms in more detail I'll see if I can
> reproduce it here.
> Si

James R Curry

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