[sc-dev] Re: oo 3.x: hiding columns in large spreadsheets sometimes very slow

2011-06-23 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 23.06.2011 11:37, Oliver Brinzing wrote: i noticed hiding columns in large spreadsheets (~3MB) can be very slow compared to oo 2.x, for example: For i = 0 To uBound(mRanges()) oRange = oSheet.getCellRangeByName(mRanges(i)) oRange.getColumns().IsVisible = bVisible

[sc-dev] Re: Insert Sheet - Before or After?

2011-04-08 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 08.04.2011 07:15, tora - Takamichi Akiyama wrote: Could it be better if the default choice is ( )After current sheet, instead of (x)Before current sheet? Could it be better if Calc will remember what a user chose? That might be something for the better defaults list at

[sc-dev] Re: Calc Watch Window

2011-03-29 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 29.03.2011 18:53, Federico Capoani wrote: Hi, my name is Federico Capoani and I am writing some code in order to implement the Watch Window in OpenOffice Calc. I created two dialogs, the first one contains the watchlist, the second one is used for adding new cells to the watchlist. I am

[sc-dev] Re: Internship 2010: Statistical Data Analysis Tool

2011-03-28 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 28.03.2011 10:50, Niklas Nebel wrote: It's in the download section of sc.openoffice.org, the URL is now http://openoffice.org/projects/sc/downloads/directory/Data%20Analysis. But apparently, some of the files were truncated in the Kenai transition. I'll try to get that fixed. I re-uploaded

[sc-dev] Re: c.s.s.XDataPilotFieldGrouping - how does createNameGroup() work ?

2011-03-08 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 08.03.2011 18:26, Oliver Brinzing wrote: can someone give me an example how to use createNameGroup() from c.s.s.XDataPilotFieldGrouping according to http://api.openoffice.org/docs/common/ref/com/sun/star/sheet/XDataPilotFieldGrouping.html it take a sequence: createNameGroup( [in] sequence

[sc-dev] Re: type logical in Excel

2011-03-01 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 28.02.2011 00:37, Regina Henschel wrote: I just noticed, that Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 distinguish between type Logical and type Number. Is this new in Excel 2007/2010 or did Excel had a separate type Logical before? (I haven't got an older version of Excel and therefore cannot examine it by

Re: [sc-dev] Help with SC wiki template

2010-12-06 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 12/04/10 16:46, Alexandro Colorado wrote: Hi I did some templates for the wiki on the different modules, I would want to ask for help to review it and also improve it. I would also want to call for structuring the sub-categories and maybe share some ideas with the other modules. you can

Re: [sc-dev] Issue 83783

2010-11-02 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 11/02/10 10:31, Peter Eberlein wrote: Am 02.11.2010 10:00, schrieb Niklas Nebel: On 11/02/10 08:58, Peter Eberlein wrote: The dialog you get on Windows if you select Insert/Object/OLE Object, and then Further objects. That's an OLE dialog, not part of OOo. It has a check box Display As Icon

Re: [sc-dev] Issue 83783

2010-11-01 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 11/01/10 08:34, Peter Eberlein wrote: Are you sure Display As Icon in the system dialog (Further objects) isn't what you're looking for? Sorry, maybe I overlooked something :-\ , but what do you mean with system dialog ? The dialog you get on Windows if you select Insert/Object/OLE

Re: [sc-dev] Issue 83783

2010-10-29 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 10/28/10 16:11, Peter Eberlein wrote: can someone of the spreadsheet team confirm http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=83783 ? The issue is assigned (ul) and has a target, but status unconfirmed. BTW, I consider this a framework issue for all applications. Are you sure Display

Re: [sc-dev] Dispatching AutoComplete for cell values

2010-10-28 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 10/28/10 08:14, Peter Eberlein wrote: Service com.sun.star.sheet.GlobalSheetSettings has a property DoAutoComplete. It can be read and modified, so you don't need the dispatch stuff for that. Shouldn't this service contain a property ViewValueHighlighting too? Here I need the dispatch

Re: [sc-dev] Dispatching AutoComplete for cell values

2010-10-27 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 10/27/10 16:30, Peter Eberlein wrote: how can I turn AutoComplete off? I tried: Object helper = Mcf.createInstanceWithContext(com.sun.star.frame.DispatchHelper, xComponentContext); XDispatchHelper xDispatchHelper = (XDispatchHelper) UnoRuntime.queryInterface(XDispatchHelper.class, helper);

Re: [sc-dev] How to access cell values in a cell range in Calc add-ins?

2010-10-18 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 10/18/10 07:51, Pivithuru Wijegunawardana wrote: You can use com.sun.star.sheet.XCellRangeAddressable interface and CellRangeAddress. com.sun.star.sheet.XCellRangeAddressable xRangeAddr = (com.sun.star.sheet.XCellRangeAddressable)

Re: [sc-dev] vlookup issues ...

2010-09-28 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 09/28/10 13:39, Oliver Brinzing wrote: had a look at some vlookup issues: seems: 16786 ENHANC P4 Other requirementsSTARTE Need better control of regexp in vlookup 44295 DEFECT P3 PC spreadsheet NEW

Re: [sc-dev] Range selection and UNO awt

2010-07-23 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 07/22/10 19:13, Pivithuru Wijegunawardana wrote: I have created a simple GUI using UNO awt for statistical data analysis tool in summer internship program. Now I want to get the user input data from the spreadsheet from clac range selection. I hope to do this after user has opened the dialog.

Re: [sc-dev] Validator for Calc

2010-07-20 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 06/16/10 15:34, Kálmán „KAMI” Szalai wrote: Here it is an updated WatchWindow ftp://ftp.devall.hu/kami/go-oo/WatchWindow_1.1.2.1.oxt Please test it and let's discuss it. Have you seen http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/en/project/watchingwindow, which integrates nicely with the

Re: [sc-dev] Include file error

2010-07-20 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 07/19/10 20:28, rashi dhing wrote: How it works is that the formula contains the range that will be populated with the result and only those cells of the range are filled with the result. So the issue of overwriting previous content does not apply here as only empty ranges are selected !!

Re: [sc-dev] Include file error

2010-07-19 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 07/19/10 11:54, rashi dhing wrote: Thanks Niklas Eike. So if I have understood correctly, I need to add my operation to the list of functions (add,max etc.) so that when I call the ScFormulaCell::Interpret, the formula gets evaluated according to my function. But that requires an opcode,

Re: [sc-dev] Include file error

2010-07-19 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 07/19/10 12:26, rashi dhing wrote: Hi Niklas, I have defined a formula that contains deductive clauses which follow a different grammar and I have already written the evaluation function, the result of which is a matrix. I was thinking I could just call ScInterpreter::PushMatrix which would

Re: [sc-dev] Include file error

2010-07-19 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 07/19/10 15:24, rashi dhing wrote: I've defined a class which I call the ScDeductive in sc/source/ui/deductive. I have defined a function StartEval which evaluates the clause( formula ) and returns an array as a result. This function is called from ScInputHandler::DataChanged . I enter the

Re: [sc-dev] crashes in m84

2010-07-12 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 07/12/10 11:20, Cor Nouws wrote: While working with m84, I had several crashes last days. The work flow was like this: - two calc files open (and some more) - select a range in one spreadsheet - ctrl-C - alt-tab to change window (to other spreadsheet) - and so forth and at a certain moment

Re: [sc-dev] queryColumnDifferences working wrongly ?

2010-07-09 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 07/09/10 13:08, Rony G. Flatscher wrote: Using the interface http://api.openoffice.org/docs/common/ref/com/sun/star/sheet/XCellRangesQuery; the range A1:C4 is compared with the value in cell B5 (4,1) (value 1) using the queryColumnDifferences method of the range, supplying the address of the

Re: [sc-dev] Include file error

2010-07-07 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 07/07/10 10:50, rashi dhing wrote: Thanks Niklas and Daniel. I was trying to call interpre.hxx (sc/source/core/inc) from a cxx file in sc/source/ui/newFolder . Wanted to use a certain function of the ScInterpreter class ! Can I give the whole path sc/source/core/interpre.hxx and use it ? I

Re: [sc-dev] Absurd behaviour while displaying values in a range of cells

2010-07-06 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 07/06/10 13:47, rashi dhing wrote: So does this mean that if I create a matrix formula range and call PushMatrix, I will have the result displayed on the sheet ? Yes, you get the same behavior as with the MUNIT function. See ScInterpreter::ScEMat for the implementation of MUNIT. Niklas

Re: [sc-dev] Include file error

2010-07-06 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 07/06/10 16:31, rashi dhing wrote: This is probably a very basic question but I am getting a compile error while trying to include the interpre.hxx in my module which happens to be located in a new directory in the sc/source/ui path. How can I resolve this ? Header files in core/inc

Re: [sc-dev] Drawing layer: comments and AWT controls

2010-07-01 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 07/01/10 10:59, Peter Eberlein wrote: even if uno awt control are set to background in a sheet, comments are neither really readable with mouse hover nor with setting permanently visible. They are behind the controls. Found http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=108293 for that.

Re: [sc-dev] Optimization NLPSolver

2010-06-28 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 06/28/10 09:26, Martina Fares wrote: I want to optimize the NLPSolver and read the data from the spreadsheet. But, I do not know on what variables should I save the generated solutions so they are shown. Respectively. I get the window no solutions this is always generated automatically, how

Re: [sc-dev] XViewFreezable

2010-06-28 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 06/28/10 11:30, Peter Eberlein wrote: just stumbled over the 7 years old issue http://www.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=19896 Is there a way to remove the freezing using the dispatch API? You don't have to use the dispatch API. Freezing is a special mode of splitting. You can

Re: [sc-dev] Component to check spreadsheet documents for potential errors for the OpenOffice.org Summer 2010 Internship - Oren Zeev-Ben-Mordehai

2010-06-24 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 06/24/10 14:22, Oren Zeev Ben Mordehai wrote: I'm interested in the Component to check spreadsheet documents for potential errors for the OpenOffice.org Summer 2010 Internship. Is it still available? There are already some applications for that project, but no final decision yet. Niklas

Re: [sc-dev] Statistical Data Analysis Tool

2010-06-16 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 06/16/10 02:42, Miloš Hadžić wrote: I'm interested in tackling this problem for this years internship and have a few questions. Some others have already applied for this project. I think the application form is going to be disabled soon (but I'm not sure about that). What's the status

Re: [sc-dev] Statistical Data Analysis Tool

2010-06-16 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 06/16/10 13:02, Miloš Hadžić wrote: Does this mean that you have enough qualified people for the Statistics Tool project or for the whole internship? I don't know about the state for the whole internship. There's a mailing list interns...@openoffice.org, you could ask there. Niklas

Re: [sc-dev] Pitanje u vezi sa temom za praksu za studente.

2010-06-16 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 06/16/10 17:08, Nikola Stojic wrote: Zainteresovan sam da kao praksu za studente radim na temi Calc/Chart: Component to check spreadsheet documents for potential errors. Mozete li mi molim vas reci da li je tema jos uvek aktuelna, i nesto vise o temi. Mails to this list should be in

Re: [sc-dev] Absurd behaviour while displaying values in a range of cells

2010-06-08 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 06/08/10 09:43, rashi dhing wrote: Thanks Niklas, will take a look at how array formulas work ! Can you tell me which modules to look at tho ? It depends on what you're really doing. Assuming that you're adding a function to ScInterpreter, take a look at GetNewMat/PushMatrix, and how they

Re: [sc-dev] Conditional Formatting with newly inserted cellstyle (Java)

2010-06-08 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 06/08/10 16:37, Peter Eberlein wrote: after inserting a new cellstyle I cleared all conditional format entries and inserted a new one with the new cellstyle. It seems, the new conditional format doesn't reflect the new style in the sheet. Only if the style exists yet, it is visible via GUI.

Re: [sc-dev] Validator for Calc

2010-06-04 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 06/04/10 10:59, Kálmán „KAMI” Szalai wrote: We started this out of OpenOffice.org Intership program. I am thinking about the possible other checkt (the current version of Validator extension implements these checks, so we are looking more. For example excluded cells from sum, for example.

Re: [sc-dev] Validator for Calc

2010-06-04 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 06/04/10 16:21, Kálmán „KAMI” Szalai wrote: I uploaded the extensions here: ftp://ftp.devall.hu/kami/calc/ Validator.oxt - validator for calc watchwindow_1.1.2.1_kohei.oxt - watchwindow Kohei version (A1 and R1C1 noatation reference problem) watchwindow_1.1.2.1_original.oxt - watchwindow

Re: [sc-dev] Questions about oox/source/xls/formulabase.cxx

2010-05-17 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 05/16/10 21:31, Regina Henschel wrote: Daniel Rentz schrieb: scadddins/analysis should contain only these functions that Excel offers in its Analysis add-in. New functions should go into the Calc core IMHO. (Anyway, starting from Excel 2007, all Analysis functions are built-in in Excel.) I'm

Re: [sc-dev] Questions about oox/source/xls/formulabase.cxx

2010-05-17 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 05/17/10 00:21, Regina Henschel wrote: When reloading into my patched DEV300m76 I get this up to now, without any entry in the files formulabase.cxx: save in .sxc: All addin functions, including the existing ones, result in #Name?, but the cell content contains the correct formula. That

Re: [sc-dev] HelpID for imaginary trigonometric functions

2010-05-17 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 05/15/10 15:12, Regina Henschel wrote: next question with my imaginary functions task: I have found helpid definitions for imaginary functions in sc/inc/sc.hrc. Shall I add definitions for the new imaginary functions there? And then in sc/source/core/tool/addinhelpid.cxx and

Re: [sc-dev] constraint of x in sin(x) in scaddins

2010-05-11 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 05/11/10 00:32, Regina Henschel wrote: to avoid breaking any existing usage is a good argument to not change anything in IMSIN or IMCOS. But what limit shall I use in the other complex trigonometric functions? (IMTAN, IMCOT, IMCSC, IMSEC, IMCOSH, IMSINH, IMCSCH, IMSECH). I personally think,

Re: [sc-dev] constraint of x in sin(x) in scaddins

2010-05-10 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 05/08/10 21:02, Regina Henschel wrote: I have notice a constraint SinOverflow (which is x=134217728) in analysishelper.cxx in scaddins. What is the special reason for it? In other places with sin() the version ::rt::math::sin() is used to get a guard for overflow. That would result in

Re: [sc-dev] optional (soft) hyphen in spreadsheets ...

2010-04-15 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 04/15/10 08:49, Oliver Brinzing wrote: If i don't want the [x] Hyphenation active i can insert an Optional hyphen with Insert - Formating Mark - Optional hyphen This will insert a SOFT HYPHEN (0xC2AD). But now the - is displayed and printed even if the text is not wrapped ... This is

Re: [sc-dev] Issue 109940

2010-04-14 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 04/14/10 08:35, Cor Nouws wrote: I see a request to handle #109940 as blocker for 3.2.1 But as far as the issue shows, there has not yet been shed much light on it from the sc team. Maybe someone has a possibility for that? There have been some changes on the DEV300 code line after 3.2,

Re: [sc-dev] Debug the Calc Source Code

2010-04-12 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 04/11/10 15:37, rashi dhing wrote: I am getting the error The breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document after adding a breakpoint to a line in the source file. I have been doing the following: 1) Running Calc by clicking in scalc.exe from the

Re: [sc-dev] Reading and writing to cells

2010-04-06 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 04/05/10 08:37, rashi dhing wrote: Hi ! I wanted to name of the module in the sc project that handles reading and writing to cells and also formula calculations . Had a look at sc/source/core/data/cell.cxx but didn't find anything substantial. cell.cxx and cell2.cxx has the implementation

Re: [sc-dev] Functions in Excel 2010

2010-04-06 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 04/02/10 21:49, Regina Henschel wrote: Excel 2010 has some significant changes for statistical functions, see [1][2]. Are there any plans to adapt the import filter and to implement further functions? Has work on this already started? At the moment there are no plans to add the new

Re: [sc-dev] Reading and writing to cells

2010-04-06 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 04/06/10 10:40, rashi dhing wrote: Hi Niklas ! I came across SetValue / SetString and GetValue / GetString functions in the document.cxx which work at the cell level . I was actually looking for something at the range level (i.e) which can give me the values/contents of the entire range in

[sc-dev] Re: [dev] 65,000 lines on calc

2010-03-25 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 03/24/10 22:30, Camillem wrote: If you mean the 65536 lines limit, I hasn't yet (at least not in Dev75) http://www.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=30215 Interesting details on Kohei Yoshida's blog : http://kohei.us/2010/02/20/increasing-calcs-row-limit-to-1-million/ Right. Fixes

Re: [sc-dev] improvements to openoffice calc

2010-02-15 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 02/13/10 17:50, Ruth Aldred wrote: I am a keen user of OpenOffice, especially of Writer and Calc. As a student studying physics I need to draw a lot of graphs. One thing that Excel has over Calc in this is that it allows graphs to be inserted in new sheets, rather than being inserted next to

Re: [sc-dev] improvements to openoffice calc

2010-02-15 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 02/15/10 10:04, Laurent Godard wrote: an extension automizing this would be usefull i think ;) and would require few modifications of the core is there a dispatcher that can be intercepted to add, at the end of the graph generation, the creation of a new sheet and a cut/past operation ?

Re: [sc-dev] Please help with bug 108720

2010-01-28 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 01/28/10 16:42, Per Eriksson wrote: I am trying to leave Excel altogether, and the new year was a good moment. Daily, I fill out spreadsheet about my interpretation jobs and other issues, but several times I have noticed that some sheets suddenly appear duplicated, with an added 2 in the

Re: [sc-dev] Data - Refresh range - deletes formatting

2010-01-20 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 01/20/10 12:35, Peter Eberlein wrote: I've linked a range against a registered datasource/table and did some formatting (e.g. wrap text automatically). After refreshing the range all formatting is set to default. Is this behavior intended? Individual cell formats are always removed,

Re: [sc-dev] Linker error on adding a new module to the sc project

2009-12-15 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 12/15/09 15:00, rashi dhing wrote: Hi , I've been having a hard trying trying building a new module (directory) that I added to the sc project. I am using cygwin in windows to do the build. I want to parse the formula string that is entered in the formula bar and i created a new class called

Re: [sc-dev] Creating a run-time dialog

2009-12-08 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 12/08/09 06:01, Madhur Kashyap wrote: I am developing a small application using in Calc. The application is heavy on the number of user inputs required. So, far I have been able to satisfy my needs by pre-defining the columns and rows in the sheet with what data it would contain to make it

Re: [sc-dev] Microsoft testing Excel for supercomputers

2009-11-19 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 11/19/09 16:00, Kohei Yoshida wrote: On Thu, 2009-11-19 at 09:25 +0100, Erich Neuwirth wrote: Hello, Excel 2007 already does parallel computing. A spreadsheet program internally creates a dependency graph of the cells. A dependency graph also knows which parts of a complex calculation are

Re: [sc-dev] Automatic URL Recognition

2009-11-02 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 11/01/09 19:21, Leonard Mada wrote: I stumbled recently open an issue with automatic URL recognition [see http://www.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=106464]. [I had some frustrations with URLs in the past, too.] I wonder however, how useful this feature is. It is my believe that most

Re: [sc-dev] API for Calc Input Line

2009-10-09 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 10/09/09 17:47, rashi dhing wrote: If I were to extend the source code to make the input line properties accessible through the API , how will I able to make this change available to other users ? Since the source code is constantly updated and the API extended, how will I be able to

Re: [sc-dev] Create an Extension for the Solver

2009-09-29 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 09/29/09 11:42, Martina Fares wrote: I solved the problem because of the target uno-run. But now I have another question: I want to create a new extension for the nlpsolver with the levenberg marquardt algorithm. But I don't know how should I write a new extension, I know how can I write an

Re: [sc-dev] [Issue 47600] Patch

2009-09-25 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 09/25/09 11:43, Patrick Guiran wrote: I am new to this mailing list, and it is the first time I made a patch for an OpenOffice project. I propose a patch for the Issue 47600, which is about Print Range problem. Welcome, and thanks for your contribution. I would like to know if a push all

Re: [sc-dev] What are valid arguments for INDIRECT

2009-09-22 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 09/21/09 22:56, Regina Henschel wrote: =ISREF(D1:D3!C2:E2) returns TRUE but =ISREF(INDIRECT(D1:D3!C2:E2)) returns FALSE =ISREF(A1~B1) returns TRUE but =ISREF(INDIRECT(A1~B1)) returns FALSE And INDIRECT((A1:C3):(B2:D4)) fails too. Are expressions as text not allowed for INDIRECT or are they

Re: [sc-dev] What are valid arguments for INDIRECT

2009-09-21 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 09/19/09 22:15, Regina Henschel wrote: the submitter of issue 105182 closed the issue, because he find a way to solve his problem. But for me the situation is not clear. =ISREF(D1:D3!C2:E2) returns TRUE but =ISREF(INDIRECT(D1:D3!C2:E2)) returns FALSE =ISREF(A1~B1) returns TRUE but

Re: [sc-dev] Accessing the Calc Formula Bar Input Line

2009-09-15 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 09/15/09 08:32, rashi dhing wrote: Hi Niklas, Thanks for your response. I just need to know how to trace and locate the right file to inspect and modify from the pool of cpp files in the source code. I know it's a very daunting task and if you can tell me the best way to go about it, I would

Re: [sc-dev] Accessing the Calc Formula Bar Input Line

2009-09-14 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 09/12/09 14:34, rashi dhing wrote: In excel, when you select different ranges in a formula (arguments that are range objects) , the formula bar highlights the range names as well as the actual cell ranges present on the sheet in different colors. We have something similar, but it's for

Re: [sc-dev] How to test a patch?

2009-09-14 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 09/14/09 17:31, Giovanni wrote: I wish to start with development project. I know that I have to watch the issue tracker. Once I have selected an issue I can solve, and once I wrote the relative patch, how can I test it? Have you done your own build yet? If not, see

Re: [sc-dev] about DataPilot

2009-08-13 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 06/24/09 18:16, Niklas Nebel wrote: On 06/24/09 05:00, Xu Ming Wang wrote: - Data Source buffer sounds interesting. Now it would of course be helpful to see the actual code changes for it. It is something like Excel's PivotCache, and better to save it in the document file

Re: [sc-dev] about DataPilot

2009-08-03 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 08/03/09 17:32, Kohei Yoshida wrote: Any chance we can integrate this feature without accessibility, by leaving the accessibility a known issue for future work? :-) No, accessibility is considered an acceptance criteria by QA. Niklas

Re: [sc-dev] about DataPilot

2009-07-31 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 07/31/09 16:28, Kohei Yoshida wrote: - Extensions to the DataPilotSource API must be done in a compatible way (see the handling of the Filter property). I've reviewed my change against the baseline, and my only addition to the UNO API is two new constant values to MemberResultFlags. It's

Re: [sc-dev] Improvement for Cell Range Picker of the Validity dialog

2009-07-23 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 07/23/09 10:34, Yan Peng Guo wrote: We (IBM) has done an improvement for Cell Range Picker of the Validity modal dialog, and would like to contribute the code back. Currently, in OO3.1, if a user selects Cell Range in Allow list of the Validity dialog, (s)he has to input the range manually,

Re: [sc-dev] Re: [qa-cvs] Maitanance of Bug #326914

2009-07-17 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 07/17/09 17:19, Joost Andrae wrote: Tshepiso Rantho schrieb: As part of my final year project assignment, i have been assigned to create a patch for Bug #326914:table border color doesn't work correctly. How do i get hold of the code and how do i cooperate with you to successfully complete

Re: [sc-dev] Problems with BESSELJ

2009-07-09 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 07/09/09 12:17, Regina Henschel wrote: (2) I have tried the following too. Instead of my provisional return 888.88; I write throw ::com::sun::star::uno::RuntimeException(); Now the spreadsheet shows #VALUE! in cell and Error: Wrong data type in status bar in that cases. But

Re: [sc-dev] about DataPilot

2009-07-09 Thread Niklas Nebel
Kohei Yoshida wrote: On Fri, 2009-06-26 at 17:19 +0200, Niklas Nebel wrote: In addition to the visual comments on the ux-discuss list Which I assume is this one: http://ux.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=discussmsgNo=3658 Yes, that's what I meant. Niklas

Re: [sc-dev] about DataPilot

2009-06-26 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 06/20/09 02:38, Kohei Yoshida wrote: Ok. All my changes related to DataPilot are now in koheidatapilot03 cws. I'm also working on specs on the wiki. They are at: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Calc/Features/DataPilot_enhanced_field_popup_window

Re: [sc-dev] about DataPilot

2009-06-25 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 06/25/09 10:17, Xu Ming Wang wrote: We are migrating our work to 3.x code base now. If need, we can extract these parts. Data buffer may need some refactoring work with the class ScDPCacheTable. Extracting smaller parts from your changes would make it much easier to integrate the changes.

Re: [sc-dev] about DataPilot

2009-06-24 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 06/24/09 05:00, Xu Ming Wang wrote: - The data in the Quantify screenshot looks strange. For any larger calculation, screen output (OutputDevice::DrawLine) shouldn't play a significant role. It maybe relate to Quantify environment - drawing is very slow. Actually,

Re: [sc-dev] about DataPilot

2009-06-23 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 06/23/09 17:24, Zhi Yu Yue wrote: Struggled a little with the wiki editing, and here is the performance part. Thanks, Xu Ming!http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Calc/Proposal_DataPilot_byIBM Great, thanks. Some comments: - The data in the Quantify screenshot looks strange. For any

Re: [sc-dev] How should MULTIPLE.OPERATIONS calculate?

2009-06-22 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 06/21/09 22:57, Regina Henschel wrote: In ODF1.2 draft spec I read, MULTIPLE.OPERATIONS executes the formula expression pointed to by FormulaCell and _all_ formula expressions it depends on while replacing _all_ references to RowCell with references to RowReplacement respectively all

Re: [sc-dev] How should MULTIPLE.OPERATIONS calculate?

2009-06-22 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 06/22/09 17:10, Regina Henschel wrote: Right. A1+A2 is calculated as A1+A6, which is 2+700, or 702. So OOo drops =MULTIPLE.OPERATIONS(A3;A6;A4)? OOo acts as if the formula in A5 is =A3. All references to A6 in A3's formula are replaced with A4. There are none, so the result is A3,

Re: [sc-dev] about DataPilot

2009-06-19 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 06/19/09 10:58, Zhi Yu Yue wrote: It spent a little more time than I thought to organize it. Where should I post it? should I create a new wiki page? Thanks. Yes, a wiki page would be good. Niklas - To unsubscribe,

Re: [sc-dev] NLP Solver program Levenberg Marquardt

2009-06-19 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 06/19/09 14:59, Martina Fares wrote: I'm new here, and I don't know a lot about `to program in OpenOffice`. I want to develope the Levenberg marquardt algorithm in the NLP Solver. I get the source code of the NLP, but now I want to know what I should do if I want to include the source code

Re: [sc-dev] Request on some issues

2009-06-18 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 06/18/09 16:36, Cor Nouws wrote: Yesterday I came across some issues, that might need a new owner: - 102022 Data validity using cells area don't work after export to xls Anything xls-related can be dumped on Daniel (dr). :-) - 3007 Hatching fill within a cell Honestly, it doesn't

Re: [sc-dev] about DataPilot

2009-06-18 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 06/11/09 10:37, Zhi Yu Yue wrote: I need to check my colleague (Xu Ming Wang) if we can separate the code out. It is possibly a little difficult, but I'm not quite sure. I will update you later once I get the result. However I think the least we can do is to post some of our idea/or code

Re: [sc-dev] about DataPilot

2009-06-11 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 06/11/09 05:41, Zhi Yu Yue wrote: I'm new here, so I list my ToDos as below. Please help to advise. 1. Send our UX spec on user experience community for review. - I compared Kohei's list with mine. Most are different and should be fine. One may have some overlap. Kohei, I would

Re: [sc-dev] about DataPilot

2009-06-11 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 06/11/09 10:37, Zhi Yu Yue wrote: I need to check my colleague (Xu Ming Wang) if we can separate the code out. It is possibly a little difficult, but I'm not quite sure. I will update you later once I get the result. However I think the least we can do is to post some of our idea/or code

Re: [sc-dev] about DataPilot

2009-06-10 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 06/10/09 04:15, Kohei Yoshida wrote: On Wed, 2009-06-10 at 09:26 +0800, Zhi Yu Yue wrote: We (IBM) has done some improvements on DataPilot (improved UI, performance, cache support, ...), and would like to contribute the code back. I know there are also some DataPilot work ongoing here. What

Re: [sc-dev] about DataPilot

2009-06-10 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 06/10/09 11:08, Zhi Yu Yue wrote: Either way is OK for me. I just want to contribute the code quickly. :-) That really sounds very good. Let me give my list first. We started this work mid of last year. Some work are based on OpenOffice code, while some are new. I list the new items as

Re: [sc-dev] about DataPilot

2009-06-10 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 06/10/09 16:51, Michael Meeks wrote: What makes you think they are being held back ? the issues around DataPilot that Kohei are working on have been communicated quite clearly to Sun - eg. i#101328 - how clear can it be: the comment accepting it for 3.2 from Kohei; i#100619, i#22029

Re: [sc-dev] specifications

2009-06-05 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 06/05/09 11:03, Ain Vagula wrote: Where can I find specifications about new features in oo.o calc 3.0 and later? http://specs.openoffice.org/calc/index.html shows specifications only for 2.0 and in wiki and documents sections I dont find anything too. Where specifications exist, they are

Re: [sc-dev] About Issue 66028's correct behavior.

2009-05-26 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 05/25/09 05:33, maoyg wrote: I suggest the following behavior: For calculating the continuing interval, not-empty hidden cells are treated as if they were not hidden, and empty hidden cell are treated as if they do not exist. The hidden cell are only considered in drag direction. The

Re: [sc-dev] Generating calc spreadsheet from c#

2009-05-20 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 05/20/09 09:54, Wayne Douglas wrote: I'm creating a reporting tool using c#, nhibernate, castle monorail and sql server. I'd like to be able to generate spreadsheets on the server which have some grouping, outlining and basic formatting. My questions is this: do I firstly need to have oo

Re: [sc-dev] Hi, could some developer answer some questions?

2009-05-11 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 05/10/09 10:15, Isaac M. Marcos wrote: I need to solve some bugs in OOfice. I am willing to code if you could point me in the right direction. Great, welcome. Let's assume I am a complete *newb*, Could you guide me to start? The first step is building OpenOffice.org, see

Re: [sc-dev] About issue 60401#'s behavior.

2009-03-30 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 03/27/09 10:09, maoyg wrote: I have a small problem about issue 60401's behavior. for example, the data ranges is from B4 to D8, I select data range from C2 to C5, the cursor's position locate C5, according to cursor's position,I will extend the data range to B4:D8,this behavior is

Re: [sc-dev] Excel 2003 XML export

2009-03-18 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 03/18/09 13:48, Eike Rathke wrote: That's http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=96018 We should consider to drop that filter completely... +1 Objections, anyone? We'd still have the same kind of issues with any user-defined XSLT filters. We just wouldn't know it. Niklas

Re: [sc-dev] Multiline formulae support

2009-03-06 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 03/06/09 00:47, William S Fulton wrote: Well, I finally found some time to get back to this, sorry for delays. Tabs and newlines are now replaced with spaces for DDE linking. Please see latest patch: http://www.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=35913. Is now the right time to set up a

Re: [sc-dev] About issue 8302#.

2009-03-03 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 03/02/09 08:38, maoyg wrote: I submit the second patch about issue 8302 today, I find a problem when I test it. For example,the merged cells are B2:D2,B3:D3,B4:D4,B5:D5...B40:D40, I selected C column, click Insert Columns,the inserting merged cell is right, I click Undo command,the

[sc-dev] An experiment with incremental saving in Calc

2009-02-27 Thread Niklas Nebel
(posted to sc and performance lists; follow-ups should be on the performance list) Hi everyone, For a while, there has been the idea to speed up the saving of small changes to large spreadsheet documents by generating only the XML elements for the changed cells. I did a little experiment

Re: [sc-dev] Bug with named ranges and validation

2009-02-25 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 02/25/09 16:54, Cor Nouws wrote: I experience a bug, must be related to OOO310mx, bug can't pin it down exactly. And what I find in IssueTracker (#97857, #89014, #98174) does not look related. I did some tests with test documents. But cannot (yet) reproduce. However, I can't send the

Re: [sc-dev] About Issue 8302#.

2009-02-24 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 02/24/09 17:14, maoyg wrote: Last friday, I tested some questions about issue 8302# when inserting cells. For example, the merged cells are from B1:D1,B2:D2,B3:D3 etc... when I selected C column,inserting cell,the merged cells can't be inserted rightly, this problem have been solved on

Re: [sc-dev] color of tabs

2009-02-23 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 02/22/09 15:23, Mathias Röllig wrote: Actually selected Tabs are white. But IMO these should have the same color as selected row/column headers resp. unselected tabs should have the same color as like as unselected row/column headers. For consistence. And for a better difference. And these

Re: [sc-dev] date serial number conversion

2009-02-12 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 02/12/09 17:58, Ain Vagula wrote: date serial number 11274306 gives result 31.12.32767, when cell is formatted as date next number, 11274307 gives result 01.01.-32768, year is negative? More interesting results: number date=day() function 123456789027.01.-25840

Re: [sc-dev] Python on Windows

2009-02-05 Thread Niklas Nebel
On 02/04/09 15:53, Erich Neuwirth wrote: I plan to do some development work with Python in OOCalc. I could not find consistent instruction on how to make it work, and the examples in my installation do not work. I also could not find recent official statements about the state of things (probably

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