Re: [Mod-fcgid-users] Debian Etch: Strange delay upon first start of fcgi-application (PHP)

2008-03-11 Thread Tobias Wiersch
Hi Gabriel, first of all: I solved it. Gabriel Barazer schrieb: can you tell what is the mod_fcgid version on each server? If the version is the same, you may be facing the same bug on each server, but for some reason it's not triggered on Debian Sarge. Debian is a little conservative

Re: [Mod-fcgid-users] mod_fcgid, php-fcgi and PHPRC

2008-06-13 Thread Tobias Wiersch
Hi Igor, Igor R. schrieb: But I don't want to make a new wrapper and change PHPRC variable after each new user creation. I patched suexec to do this (to get rid of the wrapper-script). My suexec is allowed to only call the php-exe and nothing else. In addition, I put in PHPRC and