YAPC::Israel::2004 + trainings

2003-11-16 Thread Gabor Szabo
://www.perl.org.il/YAPC/2004/ regards Gabor Szabo [EMAIL PROTECTED]

perl training road map

2003-12-08 Thread Gabor Szabo
development - Testing (QA) - System Administrators Is it worth separating these fields ? What do you think ? regards Gabor Szabo [1] Java Roadmaps http://www.thetechvalley.com/jroadmap.htm http://suned.sun.com/US/certification/java/java_certpath.html [2] For Microsoft I found lists of exams

Re: how to copy a file ?

2005-01-04 Thread Gabor Szabo
On Sun, 2 Jan 2005, _brian_d_foy wrote: In article [EMAIL PROTECTED], Tad McClellan [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: There should be a How do I copy a file? question added to the FAQ. noted and queued. Adding it to the FAQ was not the point but if you do that then maybe How to move a file can also be

How to get people use forums and mailing lists [was Re: Career Help Urgent!]

2006-05-17 Thread Gabor Szabo
On 5/17/06, Smylers [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: This is for my carrer. Please. The problem is obvoiusly an artificial one, and sounds like homework, but if this is for your career then I guess it's actually a test set by a potential Perl employer, who want to check that you can have the

Re: Hiring training facilities.

2006-09-19 Thread Gabor Szabo
much... When renting class-rooms we usually give lunch vouchers and serve coffee and refreshments. This is the 'standard' or 'expected' in the local training industry. Gabor -- Gabor Szabo http://www.szabgab.com/ Perl Training in Israel http://www.pti.co.il 08-975-2897 054-4624648

Perl trainnig in South America

2007-02-05 Thread Gabor Szabo
Someone from Argentina has just asked me for a Perl training company near-by. I have heard only about Dextra Sistemas in Brazil. Are there other training companies in South or Central America? Gabor Perl Training Israel http://www.pti.co.il/

Re: Bookings management software

2007-02-13 Thread Gabor Szabo
Hi, Have you considered looking at ACT? http://news.perl-foundation.org/2007/01/a_conference_toolkit_act_goes.html While it was originally developed for organizing YAPCs it might be further developed to do what you need as well. Gabor -- Gabor Szabo http://www.szabgab.com/ Perl Training

Perl survey

2007-07-29 Thread Gabor Szabo
/mailman/listinfo/pm_groups -- Gabor Szabo http://www.szabgab.com/ Perl Training in Israel http://www.pti.co.il/