On Tue, Dec 29, 2009 at 6:42 AM, Michael Running Wolf
<michaelrunningw...@att.net> wrote:
> On Aug 18, 2008, at 7:31 AM, Gabor Szabo wrote:
>> As you - the trainers - encounter such people quite often I wonder what do
>> you currently use during training? What do you recommend to your students?
> I recommend whatever they're familiar with.
> Hope this helps...

Well, this was an almost 1.5 years old thread but it it interesting
most of the people
responding did not think it is a good idea at all.

Anyway since the original question Padre have made some progress
so let me take this opportunity and ask around:

Have any of you tried Padre? Do you think it can provide you with
something that
will make teaching Perl easier? Making it stick better?

If you have tried it, are there things you think would further improve
it for beginners/students?


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