Hi ppl,

So I have a new little project called Padre to become an IDE for Perl.

I talked about it with quite a lot of people on YAPC::EU.
The immediate response of most of them was that they don't need any IDE
as they are ok with vi or emacs.
After some more explaining they did like some of the ideas but mostly they
agreed that the main target might be people with little or no Perl background,
especially from the Windows world.

As you - the trainers - encounter such people quite often I wonder what do
you currently use during training? What do you recommend to your students?

I for one usually cannot give them vi or emacs as they don't know
either of those.
In my classes they are usually using Notepad++.

If you can imagine something that is better than what you have now,
what would that be? What do you feel is missing from the current environment
of your students?

If you would like to check out the project, its web site is


but you can install if from CPAN directly as well.


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