qutebrowser v0.1.3 released!

2015-02-11 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, I just released v0.1.3 which fixes a security issue and some other bugs. Security issue -- Unfortunately passwords with HTTP authentification (i.e. the blue input in the status bar) were logged in the debug log. This means it's retrievable by the user by opening qute:log, and it

Testers needed for history completion

2015-03-14 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi! @toofar on github and I started working on history completion, and it seems to work pretty well by now! However I want some feedback (especially on performance) before merging this. Can you please test the histcomplete branch? When you got the git repo, you can simply do 'git pull' and 'git

qutebrowser v0.1.4 released!

2015-03-19 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, I just released v0.1.4 which adds workarounds for two security/privacy-related Qt issues and backports some other bugs. Windows builds will be delayed a bit (aka. my Windows VM wants to install updates), but everything else is uploaded. Privacy-related Qt bug -- !!

This week's qutebrowser updates

2015-03-09 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi! Another week is over, and this one definitely is full of qutebrowser updates! Overview Excluding merges, 4 authors have pushed 52 commits to master and 56 commits to all branches. On master, 34 files have changed and there have been 1,016 additions and 321 deletions. 1 Pull

Re: qutebrowser v0.1.4 released!

2015-03-25 Thread Florian Bruhin
* Florian Bruhin m...@the-compiler.org [2015-03-19 07:52:47 +0100]: I just released v0.1.4 which adds workarounds for two security/privacy-related Qt issues and backports some other bugs. Windows builds will be delayed a bit (aka. my Windows VM wants to install updates), but everything else

This week's qutebrowser updates

2015-03-31 Thread Florian Bruhin
Heyho, Another week without v0.2, but with some other updates and progress towards v0.2! There were some big changes about how virtualenvs and testing is managed: - init_venv.py and run_checks.py got deleted and replaced by tox[1]. If you used init_venv.py before, you now have to install tox

This week's qutebrowser updates

2015-03-02 Thread Florian Bruhin
Heyho, and another week passed already, of course not without some qutebrowser updates! ;) There's also something still work in progress: - Making the web history a lot more efficient (faster and memory consumption). Overview Excluding merges, 2 authors have pushed 34 commits to

Qt 5.4.1 released!

2015-03-02 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi! Last Tuesday, Qt 5.4.1 was released upstream: [1] Yesterday, Archlinux updated their packages to 5.4.1, and today I rebuilt the debug packages[2]. This release also fixes some bugs related to qutebrowser: - High number of wakeups when unused due to infinite poll

Re: [PATCH] rocker-gestures

2015-03-02 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, First of all, sorry for the late answer! * Gregor Pohl gregorpohl2...@yahoo.de [2015-02-28 19:24:36 +0100]: Attached is a patch adding a config option input-rocker-gestures, which disables the context menu and replaces it with Opera-like rocker gestures. Specifically, holding the right

This week's qutebrowser updates

2015-02-23 Thread Florian Bruhin
Heya, And another weekly update! This time a bit less spectacular than last week, mostly with some minor bug reports. Overview Excluding merges, 3 authors have pushed 36 commits to master and 48 commits to all branches. On master, 40 files have changed and there have been 619 additions

Re: BANNED contents from you (.exe,message.txt ... .scr)

2015-04-22 Thread Florian Bruhin
* Content-filter at mail2.glauco.it postmas...@mail2.glauco.it [2015-04-22 11:26:15 +0200]: BANNED CONTENTS ALERT [...] It seems this is someone sending spam and setting the header: Return-Path: qutebrowser@lists.qutebrowser.org So the backscatter gets to the mailinglist... Awesome! :(

This week's qutebrowser updates

2015-04-06 Thread Florian Bruhin
Heyho, Nope, no v0.2 yet - but very soon! (tm) There are three open issues for v0.2 now, and all of them should be easy to fix: https://github.com/The-Compiler/qutebrowser/issues?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Aissue+milestone%3Av0.2 Soo... v0.2 this week hopefully. Fingers crossed! Also, I hope I fooled

Fwd: [USN-2626-1] Qt vulnerabilities

2015-06-03 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, I'm actually amazed Ubuntu managed to take so long to backport those packages... IIRC, Debian, Arch (and maybe others) had already applied them for a while. The first issue is from April 2014... Gah. (Though that one seems to apply to Qt 4 only) So if you're on Ubuntu, please update (or,

This week's qutebrowser updates

2015-06-10 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, Another week with some contributions (thanks to Carpetsmoker, lamarpavel and ProtractorNinja) and some other progress :) Overview Excluding merges, 5 authors have pushed 69 commits to master and 108 commits to all branches. On master, 44 files have changed and there have been 799

Fwd: [arch-security] [ASA-201506-3] openssl: multiple issues

2015-06-12 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, please update your OpenSSL to get protected against LogJam (see http://weakdh.org/ ). (I experimented with blacklisting those ciphers in qutebrowser, but the Qt API doesn't provide a way to get the DH bits used - so I decided to just wait for OpenSSL to be updated instead of blacklisting

Re: :buffers?

2015-08-16 Thread Florian Bruhin
* Anton Löfgren anton.lofg...@gmail.com [2015-08-16 19:03:07 +0200]: Hi quties, Hah, I like that :) Coming from Vimperator, I've been trying to find a qutebrowser equivalent to its B/:buffers functionality (which lists filters current buffers, as in tabs). Is there such a thing? If so, how

Re: Youtube (HTML5 player) doesn't go to fullscreen

2015-07-21 Thread Florian Bruhin
* Abraham Baker z1693...@students.niu.edu [2015-07-20 15:21:28 -0500]: When I go to any youtube video and try to make it fullscreen, nothing happens. The button that increases the video size (by moving the 'next videos' bar) does work. As others have mentioned, that's a missing feature in

Re: Slow Qutebrowser

2015-10-23 Thread Florian Bruhin
* Abraham Baker [2015-10-23 07:27:15 -0500]: > I will backup my settings and try switching to the non-git version since > that sounds current enough for my purposes. Yeah, you aren't missing out on *that* much:

Re: Slow Qutebrowser

2015-10-22 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey, * Abraham Baker [2015-10-22 22:55:08 -0500]: > Today I was composing an email in Gmail when the browser slowed to the > point of being barely useable. I took a screenshot of htop (username > redacted): > > > I closed qutebrowser and killed the remaining

This week's qutebrowser updates

2015-07-07 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, Not too much interesting stuff this week, as I'm busy with preparing for my EuroPython talk[1] and other stuff. [1] https://ep2015.europython.eu/conference/talks/pytest-simple-rapid-and-fun-testing-with-python Overview Excluding merges, 2 authors have pushed 20 commits to master

Fwd: [archlinux] Moved qutebrowser to community

2016-01-16 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey, Awesome news, qutebrowser is now in the Archlinux community repository: - Forwarded message from Pierre Neidhardt - As you requested, I've moved qutebrowser to community. Thanks again for the good work! Cheers! - End forwarded message - A Chocolatey

qutebrowser v0.5.1 released!

2016-01-18 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, I'm happy to annouce the release of qutebrowser v0.5.1! This release fixes three bugs: - Fixed completion for various config values when using `:set`. - Fixed config validation for various config values. - Prevented an error being logged when a website with HTTP authentication was opened

Re: [qutebrowser] pixelated youtube and vimeo

2016-06-28 Thread Florian Bruhin
* Arad [2016-06-26 17:04:54 +0200]: > Arch. I followed the Installation guide > > pacman -S gst-plugins-{base,good,bad,ugly} gst-libav What you can try is *removing* gstreamer-vaapi if it's installed, various users had problems with it. If that doesn't help, unfortunately

Fwd: [TIP] python testing sprint June 2016 (pytest/tox) / funding needed

2016-02-05 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey, as you might know, qutebrowser is using pytest for its tests, and I'm also a pytest core developer. We're hosting a sprint in June in Freiburg, Germany, where contributors from all over the world participate - including me! A crowdfunding campaign just got launched to collect money to pay

Re: ram

2016-02-29 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey, * Ibon Santisteban [2016-02-29 22:18:30 +0100]: > First of all, I just discovered qutebrowser, and congratulations > (and thanks) for such a good piece of software. You're welcome! > I'm not really sure this is an issue, but I thought I rather say > something than not: I

Re: Gmail bug?

2016-01-20 Thread Florian Bruhin
* Abraham Baker [2016-01-20 12:27:48 -0600]: > Interestingly enough, for me this problem now also happens in Firefox > (43.0.4). Perhaps this has something to do with some other recently > updated package. That, or a change on GMail's side. Florian --

Re: Gmail bug?

2016-01-19 Thread Florian Bruhin
* Abraham Baker [2016-01-19 19:52:49 -0600]: > When I first tried qutebrowser, I installed the git version. So, I don't > have any versions cached in pacman (I'm using Arch) older than .5.0. Where > can I get older versions so I could try downgrading? You should be

PSA: GitHub broken with qutebrowser

2016-01-20 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey, it seems like GitHub did some changes to their site which means all their JS is broken in QtWebKit based browsers, like qutebrowser. Among other things, this means pressing Ctrl-Enter to submit a comment doesn't work, and clicking "Comment" *does* work, but does not update the page (so take

Re: qutebrowser: feature suggestion

2016-02-21 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey, * Abraham Baker [2016-02-19 20:51:07 -0600]: > Minor suggestion: > When sites that have "SSL Errors" try to load, a prompt appears asking if I > want to continue (since the certificate is invalid). Usually I just press > 'y' and continue, but sometimes I'd rather

Re: qutebrowser and Github

2016-03-10 Thread Florian Bruhin
* Ryan Roden-Corrent [2016-03-10 21:08:43 -0500]: > I remember a while back a mail went around about qutebrowser having trouble > with > Github's web UI. Has anyone tried contacting their support about this? I did, > and was told they couldn't repro it. I just waited figuring

New qutebrowser-ML subscriptions

2016-03-20 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey! I noticed a lot of new subscriptions to the ML today/yesterday, and a spike in GitHub traffic and new people in IRC - however I have no idea why, and got curious. How did you all find qutebrowser? Is it in some Linux magazine or something I'm not aware of yet? ;) Florian --

Re: RFC - Doing a crowdfunding for QtWebEngine in qutebrowser?

2016-03-07 Thread Florian Bruhin
* Mel Boyce <m...@thestack.co> [2016-03-07 22:39:22 +1100]: > On Mon, Mar 7, 2016, at 19:12, Florian Bruhin wrote: > > - 2800 EUR > > - 2100 GBP > > - 3000 USD > > USD$10 from 300 people sounds manageable in exchange for modernizing a > web browser of this ca

Re: ram

2016-03-02 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey, * Ibon Santisteban [2016-03-02 20:48:13 +0100]: > The websites that I​ had open were: >   > lxer.com > elcorreo.com > argia.eus > hoechberg.de > primewire.ag (the main website; I wasn't streaming anything yet) >   > To meassure I used ps_mem; a package from the Manjaro

[qutebrowser] qutebrowser v0.6.0 released!

2016-04-04 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, After some struggling with Windows and cx_Freeze (the packaging tool I use for Windows), I'm happy to annouce the release of qutebrowser v0.6.0! This release comes with dozens of bugfixes and various new features - the most notable one probably being a :buffers command with completion.

[qutebrowser] Config corruptions

2016-07-14 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, I just fixed a bug which resets some config values to the default when your config contains an option which was removed in qutebrowser. On Monday/Tuesday I removed two options, which triggered this bug. If you're using a release or -git before Monday, this shouldn't affect you unless you're

[qutebrowser] qutebrowser v0.8.0 released!

2016-07-26 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, I'm happy to annouce the release of qutebrowser v0.8.0! The main reason for this release is that v0.7.0 will break with PyQt 5.7 which is soon going to be released. I decided to do a new minor release instead of a patch release as plenty new features have accumulated already. If your

[qutebrowser] qutebrowser search partnership with Ecosia?

2016-07-25 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, I got contacted by the Ecosia search engine a few days ago: https://www.ecosia.org/ They seem to get their results via Bing mostly (DuckDuckGo gets them from Yahoo and in some regions Yandex/Bing) and apparently use (part of) their ad income to plant trees: https://info.ecosia.org/what I

[qutebrowser] qutebrowser v0.8.1 released!

2016-07-27 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, I'm (not-so-)happy to annouce the release of qutebrowser v0.8.1! Due to a change in v0.8.0 how command aliases are handled, doing ":" without a command crashed. For some reason, nobody found this one before the release, but since the release yesterday I already got 4 crash reports for it :D

Re: [qutebrowser] how do disable menu on bottom left (picture attached)

2016-07-20 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, :set ui keyhint-blacklist * Also, http://email.is-not-s.ms/ ;) Florian -- http://www.the-compiler.org | m...@the-compiler.org (Mail/XMPP) GPG: 916E B0C8 FD55 A072 | http://the-compiler.org/pubkey.asc I love long mails! | http://email.is-not-s.ms/ signature.asc Description:

[qutebrowser] qutebrowser v0.8.1 released! (with important privacy fix)

2016-08-02 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, I'm happy to annouce the release of qutebrowser v0.8.2! This release comes with various bugfixes, including a fix for a privacy issue: -- Since v0.2.0, qutebrowser didn't set QtWebKit's private browsing flag correctly if

[qutebrowser] qutebrowser repository moved

2017-02-04 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, the qutebrowser repo now got moved to its own GitHub organization: https://github.com/qutebrowser/qutebrowser GitHub seems to be pretty good at handling redirects and stuff, but if you notice something broken, please let me know! If you're a packager for qutebrowser, please adjust the URLs

[qutebrowser] Qt 5.8

2017-01-30 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, Qt 5.8 breaks various things, and I probably won't have time this week to fix things and cut a new release. So, don't upgrade to Qt 5.8 for now if you haven't yet - and if you have, at least switch to qutebrowser-git where I try to fix the most annoying issues with some workarounds until I

Re: [qutebrowser] keyword bookmarks

2017-02-20 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey Amos, Sorry for the late answer - I was busy with exams and your mail got filtered as you're not subscribed to the list ;) * Amos Joshua [2017-01-29 22:20:29 -0800]: > I am trying to recreate the keyword-bookmark functionality in pentadactyl - > I've read through the

Re: [qutebrowser] Let certain websites override qutebrowser keys

2017-02-20 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey George, Sorry for the late answer - I've been mostly ignoring mails because of exams, and only now got to looking at the unread ones ;) * George [2017-01-14 20:46:29 +0200]: > I'm aware of the solutions that you suggested, I was just wondering if > it was possible to

Re: [qutebrowser] How to run a userscript in Windows

2016-09-05 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey, I re-added the mailinglist in your reply, as you wrote to me directly ;) * David Nebauer [2016-09-03 00:19:17 +0930]: > > * Daniel Schadt [2016-08-31 22:36:47 +0200]: > > > > command called: spawn ['--userscript', 'SCRIPT.py'] > > > So as

Re: [qutebrowser] How to run a userscript in Windows

2016-09-06 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey, * Daniel Schadt [2016-09-06 01:13:57 +0200]: > However, I had to apply a patch to get it to work. The current > implementation seems to suffer from the same problem that > :open-editor once had[1]: The "FIFO" file it creates is being held > open by qutebrowser, which

Re: [qutebrowser] Contribute to Qute Browser

2016-09-08 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey, * Panshul Garg [2016-09-08 03:06:35 +0530]: > I want to contribute to this project. I am really interested to contribute. > I have some experience in coding in python. Please assign me something on > which I can work. In the qutebrowser bugtracker, there are various

Re: [qutebrowser] How to run a userscript in Windows

2016-09-11 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey, * David Nebauer [2016-09-11 12:50:00 +0930]: > > > > > command called: spawn ['--userscript', 'hello.bat'] > > > [...] > > > Userscript to run: > > > C:\Users\ME\AppData\Local\qutebrowser\data\userscripts\hello.bat > > I'm guessing the hello.bat is in

Re: [qutebrowser] How to run a userscript in Windows

2016-09-13 Thread Florian Bruhin
* David Nebauer [2016-09-14 00:15:36 +0930]: > On 11/09/16 12:50, David Nebauer wrote: > > > > > > > command called: spawn ['--userscript', 'hello.bat'] > > > > [...] > > > > Userscript to run: > > > >

Re: [qutebrowser] ¿Prospects for · Issue #22 · (Set as default browser)?

2016-10-06 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, First of all, let's keep questions about an issue in that issue please, that makes things easier for me and other people ;) * Maurício Habert [2016-10-06 20:30:29 -0300]: > ¿Is the issue #22 (Set as default browser) the type of thing that is going > to be easier to

[qutebrowser] Announcing the qutebrowser-announce mailinglist (hah!)

2016-10-06 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey, since there are more discussions on this mailinglist recently than there used to be, I decided to create a separate mailinglist where only annoucements will be posted - you can find it here: https://lists.schokokeks.org/mailman/listinfo.cgi/qutebrowser-announce Anything I send there will

Re: [qutebrowser] userscript dir for MacOS

2016-10-05 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey Maurício, * Maurício Habert [2016-10-05 13:35:49 -0300]: > > That means the script was found, but exited with that status. > > The "umpv" script works fine when called from the terminal. But, from > within QB, :messages print out a bunch of error from Mac OS's

Re: [qutebrowser] Qutebrowser crashes on wake from suspend

2016-08-27 Thread Florian Bruhin
* Abraham Baker [2016-08-27 14:06:32 +]: > Has anyone else had qutebrowser crash almost every time their computer wakes > from suspend? I've seen one or two such crashes, but definitely not "almost every time". Either way it's unfortunately unlikely I can do

Re: [qutebrowser] userscript dir for MacOS

2016-10-03 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey Maurício, * Maurício Habert [2016-10-04 00:21:20 -0300]: > ¿Where the userscript is supposed to be under the Mac OS? The next qutebrowser release will show you the paths in the version output, but I'd expect it to be ~/Library/Application Support/qutebrowser/userscripts.

[qutebrowser] qutebrowser v0.8.3 released!

2016-11-05 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, I just released qutebrowser v0.8.3 with a handful of bugfixes: - Fixed crash when doing `:`, another corner-case introduced in v0.8.0 - Fixed `:open-editor` (``) on Windows - Fixed crash when setting `general -> auto-save-interval` to a too big value. - Fixed crash when using hints on

[qutebrowser] qutebrowser v0.8.4 released!

2016-11-05 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, * Florian Bruhin <m...@the-compiler.org> [2016-11-05 23:45:18 +0100]: > I just released qutebrowser v0.8.3 with a handful of bugfixes: Unfortunately a fix in v0.8.3 broke compatibility with Python 3.4 which was fixed on master but not backported to the v0.8.x branch. Since I'

[qutebrowser] Security issue with QtWebEngine web inspector

2016-11-22 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, if you're using qutebrowser from git with --backend webengine and have general -> developer-extras enabled, the inspector runs on a port bound to localhost (which is the only way to access it currently). However, this is not as unproblematic as it might seem, and might actually allow any

[qutebrowser] qutebrowser v0.9.1 released (security fix)

2017-01-13 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, I just released qutebrowser v0.9.1, which fixes a security issue with QtWebEngine. Due to a Qt bug[1], download paths with QtWebEngine are percent-encoded, i.e. a file named "foo bar" got saved as "foo%20bar". Thus, qutebrowser was percent-decoding that path again. However, when the server

Re: [qutebrowser] Let certain websites override qutebrowser keys

2017-01-13 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey, * George [2017-01-14 05:40:25 +0200]: > Hi all, You're not subscribed to the list, so your message got hold back, but I added you to the whitelist now ;) > I was wondering if it is possible to let certain websites override > qutebrowser's keys. > For instance I

[qutebrowser] qutebrowser v0.9.0 released

2016-12-28 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, I'm happy to announce that I just released qutebrowser v0.9.0, at the Chaos Communication Congress[1] ;) This release comes with *a lot* of new features, including much better support for various features with the QtWebEngine backend. A note for packagers: This release adds a new dependency

Re: [qutebrowser] Discriminant javascript and cookies in qutebrowser

2017-04-03 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey Keith, On Mon, Apr 03, 2017 at 02:56:40PM -0500, Keith Larsen via qutebrowser wrote: > My browser of choice has recently been deprecated (RIP xombrero). > Anyway, this put me on a search that ended with qutebrowser! Initial > test driving was great and I'm very impressed with all the

Re: [qutebrowser] IDN spoofing

2017-04-20 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, On Thu, Apr 20, 2017 at 10:27:52AM +0100, John Lane wrote: > On 20/04/17 05:24, Florian Bruhin wrote: > > > > I opened an issue here with some first thoughts: > > https://github.com/qutebrowser/qutebrowser/issues/2547 > > > > At a very simplistic le

[qutebrowser] Crowdfunding campaign for new config system and per-domain settings

2017-04-18 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, Like last year, I'd love to spend my summer holidays working full-time on qutebrowser again! This is why I started another crowdfunding - with the goal of finally implementing the new config system:

Re: [qutebrowser] IDN spoofing

2017-04-23 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey, On Thu, Apr 20, 2017 at 09:51:04PM +0200, Florian Bruhin wrote: > My current stance on this, by the way, is showing the Punycode > representation in addition to the "normal" one for any non-ascii URL: > https://github.com/qutebrowser/qutebrowser/issues/2547#iss

[qutebrowser] qutebrowser v0.10.1 released!

2017-03-07 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, I just released qutebrowser v0.10.1. This comes with one small improvement (--qt-arg and --qt-flag can now be used to pass arguments to Chromium with QtWebEngine), and a handful of important bugfixes: - URLs are now redacted properly (username/password, and path/query for HTTPS) when using

[qutebrowser] PyQt 5.9 released!

2017-07-10 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey, just a quick heads-up that PyQt 5.9 recently got released. If you already were using Qt 5.9(.1) from your distribution this isn't really important for you. If you use qutebrowser installed via tox, now is the moment to do "tox -e mkvenv-pypi -r" and update from Qt 5.7.1 or Qt 5.8 to Qt

[qutebrowser] The road to qutebrowser v1.0

2017-07-21 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey, I've been asked by various people about what's up with qutebrowser for the next few months, so I thought I'd write a quick announcement about it. Plans until September - First of all: I'm mostly going to be busy with exams until September. Because of that and the big

[qutebrowser] qutebrowser v0.11.0 released!

2017-07-04 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey, after hours of struggling with things (broken scripts, GitHub being broken, a hanging Windows VM, a macOS which refuses to unmount stuff, etc.) I'm happy to announce that qutebrowser v0.11.0 was (finally) released. This release will be the last (major) release supporting legacy QtWebKit

[qutebrowser] Contributing to qutebrowser in C++/JavaScript

2017-04-25 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey, just a small heads-up for people who'd like to contribute things to qutebrowser but prefer C++ or JavaScript to Python - I've now labelled some issues involving those languages: C++: https://github.com/qutebrowser/qutebrowser/issues?utf8=%E2%9C%93=is%3Aopen%20is%3Aissue%20label%3Ac%2B%2B

Re: [qutebrowser] Which manjaro distro = best for qutebrowser?

2017-04-27 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey Trevor, On Thu, Apr 27, 2017 at 11:35:30AM +0200, Trevor Robertson wrote: > (You can ignore the email I sent from rocky.hillsi...@gmail.com = the one I > use on my phone, I forgot about the membership thing.) FWIW I added that to the whitelist now, so you'll be able to send mails from there

[qutebrowser] Dropping legacy QtWebKit, Python 3.4, and old Qt versions

2017-06-20 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, I think with v1.0 (which will come somewhen later this year), it's finally time to leave old versions of dependencies behind. If you're using legacy QtWebKit, or Python 3.4, or Qt < 5.7, this will probably affect you. If you're using qutebrowser on Ubuntu < 17.04, or Debian Jessie (now

Re: [qutebrowser] "Stylish"-like plugin for qutebrowser

2017-06-04 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey, On Sun, Jun 04, 2017 at 02:24:43AM +0200, Paško Zdilar wrote: > To keep it short - I like qutebrowser very much, and I would like to know > if it is possible to have another feature in it - something similar to > "Stylish" from chromium which allows users to add custom CSS styles for >

[qutebrowser] Qt 5.9, QtWebKit-NG 5.212 Alpha and next qutebrowser release

2017-06-13 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey! Qt 5.9 and QtWebKit-NG 5.212 have been released recently, a few interesting things you might want to know about them: QtWebKit-NG and segfaults - QtWebKit-NG segfaults often (like when posting comments on reddit) when built with GCC 7 (like on Archlinux). I was able

[qutebrowser] config reorganization and renames

2017-06-09 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi! As you might know I'm in the middle of the config revolution of qutebrowser ;-) As part of that, I plan to clean up the config to make things more consistent and clear, as it'll be a breaking change anyways, so now is the time to do that! I'd like some input on that - see this issue for

Re: [qutebrowser] The qutebrowser config revolution continues!

2017-09-21 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey, On Thu, Sep 21, 2017 at 07:00:18AM +, José Alberto Orejuela García wrote: > Do you have plans for writing a last post in qutebrowser blog regarding these > days? It's just curiosity. =) Yes - probably today or tomorrow. I wanted to do so since Sunday when merging the new config, but I

Re: [qutebrowser] fonts on web

2017-10-06 Thread Florian Bruhin
On Fri, Oct 06, 2017 at 01:54:39PM +, Trevor Robertson wrote: > Hi, just for interest (I'll try not to use this mailing list *too* much!): > Is there a reason why certain websites don't mix their fonts so nicely > (large vs small) > e.g. the page below. Or does the reason lie more on the web

Re: [qutebrowser] Updating

2017-10-06 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey Trevor, On Fri, Oct 06, 2017 at 09:22:30AM +, Trevor Robertson wrote: > Hi ... What is the best way to update Qutebrowser to a newer version? I > currently have 0.10.1 on Windows 10 Home that I installed manually, on my > home PC. > Maybe I'm overlooking an update button or command. If I

[qutebrowser] qutebrowser v1.0.0 released!

2017-10-12 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey, I'm delighted to announce that I just released qutebrowser v1.0.0! jhis release comes with many big breaking changes such as the new config and QtWebEngine by default, so please take a look at the changelog. As announced previously, per-domain settings unfortunately didn't make it into

[qutebrowser] The qutebrowser config revolution continues!

2017-09-12 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey! I finished my exams (all went well!) and I'm back from my holidays in Budapest, so the work on the new config will (finally) continue! The next three days I'll work on it full-time again, and unfortunately 20 of 20 days are over after that... However, I'll make sure the new-config branch is

[qutebrowser] qutebrowser v1.0.0 is coming closer - QtWebEngine is now default!

2017-09-28 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey, just a quick update to let you know that the last one of four big changes is now done: - [x] The new completion, based on sqlite - [x] The new config system - [x] Dropping legacy support - [x] Making QtWebEngine the default backend If QtWebEngine can't be used on your system for some

[qutebrowser] qutebrowser v0.11.1 released!

2017-10-09 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, I'm happy to announce that qutebrowser v0.11.1 has been released. This just has a handful of small fixes compared to v0.11.0: - Fixed empty space being shown after tabs in the tabbar in some cases. - Fixed :restart in private browsing mode. - Fixed printing on macOS. - Closing a pinned tab

Re: [qutebrowser] Some feelings about v1.0

2017-10-17 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, On Tue, Oct 17, 2017 at 08:39:38PM +, José Alberto Orejuela García wrote: > > That being said, I had no idea how many people use arrow keys to navigate > > through the completion, and I changed it because a lot of people expected > > up/down to go through the history. > > Yes, I also

[qutebrowser] qutebrowser v1.0.4 released

2017-11-28 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, I just released qutebrowser v1.0.4 with a couple of bugfixes: - The qute://gpl page now works correctly again. - Trying to bind an empty command now doesn't crash anymore. - Fixed crash when :config-write-py fails to write to the given path. - Fixed crash for some users when selecting a file

[qutebrowser] PyQt 5.9.2 released

2017-11-28 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, just a quick heads-up that PyQt 5.9.2 (which bundles Qt 5.9.3) was released recently. If you're on Windows/macOS, the upgrade from qutebrowser v1.0.3 to .4 will upgrade you from Qt 5.9.2 to Qt 5.9.3 (PyQt 5.9.1 to PyQt 5.9.2). If you're on Linux and using PyQt from PyPI (via tox), there was

Re: [qutebrowser] Python and userscripts

2017-11-26 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, first of all, note that you just got thrown off the mailinglist again because your mailserver is still thinking the mailinglist is sending "spoofed" mails. On Mon, Nov 27, 2017 at 02:25:07AM +, Stephen Davies (sdavies) wrote: > So I guess my question is: given that I started

Re: [qutebrowser] : then arrows don't work? (1.0.3)

2017-11-23 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, On Thu, Nov 23, 2017 at 08:44:21PM +0200, Trevor Robertson wrote: > Hi I recently uninstalled 0.xx and installed 1.0.3 on windows 10. > Previously I could press : (colon), some letters and then the up / down > cursors keys to select something from the (ever finer list) of available >

Re: [qutebrowser] entering in text fields

2017-11-23 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, On Thu, Nov 23, 2017 at 07:59:22PM +, Stephen Davies (sdavies) wrote: > 1) Pet peeve: when the focus is in a text field, I get a blinky vertical > cursor even if I'm not in insert mode. That seems really strange since afaik > "blinky vertical cursor" pretty much universally means "if

Re: [qutebrowser] spaces in URLs

2017-11-23 Thread Florian Bruhin
On Thu, Nov 23, 2017 at 07:34:18PM +, Stephen Davies (sdavies) wrote: > > Trevor's question leads to one from me. > > When I highlight and paste a long URL into Firefox, it seems to helpfully > trim out any internal whitespace (like linebreaks/spaces introduced into the > URL by long

[qutebrowser] qutebrowser v1.0 in Debian testing and Fedora

2017-12-05 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey! There were some updates for qutebrowser which landed in Fedora and Debian in the past few days: - Fedora 25/26 has been updated to v0.11.1 (6 days ago) - Fedora 27 has been updated to v1.0.3 (6 days ago) - Debian Testing just got updated to v1.0.4! If you're currently using the .deb with

Re: [qutebrowser] Qutebrowser not opening

2017-12-01 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey Paulo, On Fri, Dec 01, 2017 at 11:26:16AM -0200, Paulo Edson via qutebrowser wrote: > I have ubuntu-mate 17.04 installed and the only version of qutebrowser that > works in my system is 0.9.3. I tried version 1.0.4 but it keeps crashing on > launch. Not even the crash report window stays

Re: [qutebrowser] "older version of Chrome"

2017-12-14 Thread Florian Bruhin
On Fri, Dec 15, 2017 at 04:40:45AM +, Stephen Davies (sdavies) wrote: > I get this message when I go to Google: > > "We've detected you're using an older version of Chrome. Reinstall to stay > secure" > > Is this something I should ignore, or address, and if the latter, how? With what Qt

Re: [qutebrowser] Memory leak

2017-12-19 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, your message was held back for moderation as you're not subscribed to the mailinglist. I accidentally discarded it (sorry!), but forwarded it to the list now. On Tue, Dec 19, 2017 at 10:50:32AM +0200, Volodymyr Brazhnyk wrote: > We wanted to fork your project What do you mean with that

Re: [qutebrowser] config.py, keys.conf, and autoconfig.yml

2017-11-19 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey, (I had to manually approve your message because you're not subscribed to the list - I've added you to the whitelist now though, so future messages should go through immediately.) On Mon, Nov 20, 2017 at 01:22:16AM +, Stephen Davies (sdavies) wrote: > Hello, I'm a new qutebrowser

[qutebrowser] News about qutebrowser on Gentoo, Fedora and Debian (testers needed!)

2017-11-16 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey! Just some quick news about how things look for qutebrowser in various distributions. Gentoo -- After being stuck on an ancient v0.9.1 for a long time, the package recently got picked up by Justin Bronder (thanks!) and is up-to-date (v1.0.3) again since a couple of weeks. Debian --

[qutebrowser] qutebrowser v1.0.3 released

2017-11-04 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey, I just released qutebrowser v1.0.3 with a couple of improvements: Changed ~~~ - macOS and Windows builds are now built with PyQt 5.9.1 and Qt 5.9.2, including various bugfixes, as well as security fixes from Chromium up to version 61.0.3163.79. - Performance improvements for tab

Re: [qutebrowser] qutebrowser v1.0.3 released

2017-11-04 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hi, On Sat, Nov 04, 2017 at 05:19:52PM +0100, Florian Bruhin wrote: > I just released qutebrowser v1.0.3 with a couple of improvements: Unfortunately, a qutebrowser/html/doc/foo.mp3 which I used to reproduce a bug some days ago was distributed as part of the source release. I've just uploa

Re: [qutebrowser] Tab in Downloading

2017-12-04 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey, On Mon, Dec 04, 2017 at 11:31:15AM -0500, Lennard Henze via qutebrowser wrote: > I would expect, that when browsing through direcotries in the Downloadprompt, > is used to auto complete the name of a direcoty, bash-like. Bould i > does not work that way, it just skips to the next Folder. Is

Re: [qutebrowser] Some feelings about v1.0

2017-10-25 Thread Florian Bruhin
On Wed, Oct 25, 2017 at 04:02:27PM +, José Alberto Orejuela García wrote: > > Yes - if you filter for ! in e.g. the setting value completion or whatever, > > you > > wouldn't expect qutebrowser to filter for %21. > > But the point is that it doesn't matter as there won't be strings like that

Re: [qutebrowser] Some feelings about v1.0

2017-10-25 Thread Florian Bruhin
On Wed, Oct 18, 2017 at 07:57:44AM -0400, Ryan Roden-Corrent wrote: > > Taking into account substitutions in urls. For example, if I want to > > find an url that contained a bang, I cannot find it using ":open !" > > because that won't give any result as ! was changed to %21 in the url. > > This

[qutebrowser] qutebrowser v1.3.0 released

2018-05-04 Thread Florian Bruhin
Hey, I'm happy to announce that I just released qutebrowser v1.3.0! Nothing too spectacular this time, but some smaller stuff. The most important things are probably that Qt 5.11 is mostly supported (with some rough edges), and the macOS release should work on older macOS releases again (thanks

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