Re: [Resin-interest] Noob question: Do I have to restart?

2009-09-22 Thread d . lopez
Hi, Be aware though, that hot redeployment requires all the libraries/classes that reside in WEB-INF to behave correctly, otherwise they are not recicled and end up consuming all the non-Heap memory and causing an OOM. And there are tons of libraries out there that do not behave properly,

Re: [Resin-interest] url rewriting / search engine friendly

2009-10-31 Thread d . lopez
And why is it that a servlet filter is outside the application? I consider it to be part of the application; it is simply a matter that those services are not provided directly by the framework used to implement the logic. Otherwise each framework would have to provide that capability. I

Re: [Resin-interest] resin-admin, one watchdog with different config files

2009-11-10 Thread d . lopez
S'està citant Scott Ferguson Daniel López wrote: Hi there, We are migrating all of our instances to Resin 3.1.5 (3.1.8-9 have a JPA bug that prevents us to go the latest version) and I've been asked by our admins if it would be possible to have ONE monitor to see all the

Re: [Resin-interest] Resin: configuration for a jms client]

2010-01-19 Thread d . lopez
Well, good to know. I'll stick to our current solution until we can move to the 4.X branch. Thanks for the info. D. S'està citant Scott Ferguson Daniel López wrote: Hi Scott, I'm still using 3.1.*, is JMS in those versions production ready? Documentation is a bit scarce

Re: [Resin-interest] PermGen problems installing Confluence

2010-03-30 Thread d . lopez
Doh! :) I'm sorry, I thought you meant 256m heap. Yes, 256m PermGen should be more than enough, unless it has turned into a memory hog in the last version. Have you checked, with JConsole for example, that the setting is really being taken into account? Just to discard if it is a

Re: [Resin-interest] Custom datasource implementation

2010-04-10 Thread d . lopez
Hi Scott, Thanks for the pointer. I managed to get it to work, more or less, using the new way: -- leaf:ConnectionPoolDataSource ... /leaf:ConnectionPoolDataSource -- and the old bean way: -- bean name=MyPool typeorg.leaf.ConnectionPoolDataSource/type