RE: REPOST: How to use JspC with ANT

2002-10-22 Thread jon wingfield
We're still using 4.0.x in production. We use(d) an ant/jspc target and got the same error message. It went away when I forked the java process: java classname=org.apache.jasper.JspC fork=yes failonerror=yes output=compile-jsp.log ... ;) -Original Message- From: Felipe Schnack

RE: OFF-TOPIC: testing

2002-10-30 Thread jon wingfield
Or you could use the mockobjects project ( to write JUnit testcases which require no physical database connection. You can set up the sql statements you expect your code to execute and the data you expect to be returned. Using mock objects you can also simulate database failure

RE: NoSuchMethodError

2002-11-27 Thread jon wingfield
The compiled tomcat code (class org.apache.catalina.session.StandardSession) is calling a method not available at runtime. That probably means that the tomcat code was compiled with a later version of either the jdk or the servlet jars than the version you are running tomcat with. I've just

RE: How do you select to call doPost or doGet method of servlet?

2002-12-03 Thread jon wingfield
although you can, in theory, wrap the original request in a javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequestWrapper with getMethod() overridden to return the required value. (If you want to) -Original Message- From: news [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]On Behalf Of Bill Barker Sent: 03 December 2002

RE: OFF-TOPIC: Pointers to CallableStatement docs?

2002-08-20 Thread jon wingfield
John, I've dug out some old code and i think you may have to set initial values for the OUT parameters as well. We used functions with oracle 8i with no problems in this way: One of the CallableStatements we prepared with {?=call pk_housekeeping.f_purge_inactive_consumers(?)} and used as below:

RE: NullPointerException when using JDBC ResultSet next() method

2002-04-09 Thread Jon Wingfield
Maybe reading the code wrong but you're declaring the variable rs on the third line of doGet(...) but putting the return value of the stmt.executeQuery() in a variable called rset. Then you call next() on the original variable, which is null ;) A few other points: You are definately loading the

RE: How to redirect the log file from the command window to a file?

2002-05-02 Thread Jon Wingfield
1) alter the catalina.bat file: ... extract ... %_EXECJAVA% %JAVA_OPTS% %CATALINA_OPTS% %DEBUG_OPTS% -Djava.endorsed.dirs=%JAVA_ENDORSED_DIRS% -classpath %CLASSPATH% -Dcatalina.base=%CATALINA_BASE% -Dcatalina.home=%CATALINA_H OME% %MAINCLASS% %CMD_LINE_ARGS%

RE: tomact not staring

2002-06-05 Thread jon wingfield
change the memory settings for the DOS console. When I run TC under windows I have the initial environment memory set to 4096 (the maximum available through the UI). -Original Message- From: puneet sachar [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: 05 June 2002 07:06 To: Tomcat Users List Subject:

RE: context param is null outside doGet

2002-06-08 Thread jon wingfield
With out looking at the HttpServlet source to confirm i would guess that: In servlet 2 the member variable basepath is assigned a value after the super class (HttpServlet) constructor returns but before the servlets init(...) method is called by the servlet container. Therefore at the time of

RE: problem..plz help me out

2002-06-10 Thread jon wingfield
Puneet, Fairly certain that puneet has to be either a bona fide DNS name (or for development an alias in your hosts file) Jon -Original Message- From: puneet sachar [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: 08 June 2002 20:22 To: Xinji Gu Subject: problem..plz help me out Hi friends, this is

RE: error accessing a context-param from web.xml

2002-09-04 Thread jon wingfield
The error you are getting is the JSP parser mistaking the data %= application.getInitParameter( as the value for the driver parameter of the sql:setDataSource tag. Then it reports a parsing error as the next parameter is sees is jdbc.driver with no '=', and hence no value, after it. If you

RE: Still need help w. Tomcat installation

2002-09-09 Thread jon wingfield
No trailing semi-colon. No trailing slash. :) -Original Message- From: STEVE BURRUS [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: 08 September 2002 20:53 To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Still need help w. Tomcat installation I STILL need some degree of help/assistance from someone in this

RE: line feeds in response

2002-09-09 Thread jon wingfield
There are 3 linefeeds in your jsp before the code that generates the xml. Remove them and you should be ok. There has been a discussion on this before on this list. Search the archives :) -Original Message- From: Alexander Stage [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: 09 September 2002 12:12

RE: RE: Reloading .jsp-Pages

2002-09-18 Thread jon wingfield
... and if you are only changing included files then touch the jsp doing the include -Original Message- From: Dominik Jednoralski [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: 17 September 2002 13:47 To: Tomcat User Help Subject: RE: RE: Reloading .jsp-Pages thats the point: it doesn't recompile

RE: RE: Reloading .jsp-Pages

2002-09-18 Thread jon wingfield
the file again, restarted the server. guess: still from server-cache... i guess the 'reloadable'-switch doesnt work for some reason... -Ursprüngliche Nachricht- Von: jon wingfield [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Gesendet: Mittwoch, 18. September 2002 15:21 An: Tomcat Users List Betreff: RE: RE

RE: Which Tomcat version for production environment ?

2002-09-20 Thread jon wingfield
You've had 4.0.4 in a test environment and is stable. Deploy it. It's the most stable of the 4.0.x tomcat tree. Then put 4.1.x in the test environment and if is stable after system/uat testing migrate your production environment to that release of tomcat. There are a number of implementation

RE: Dumb Question com.justatest.test.MyServlet error

2002-09-21 Thread jon wingfield
Open the source file. If the first line is not: package com.justatest.test; then that is your problem. The directory structure under WEB-INF/classes maps to the package stucture of your servlet and other java classes deployed in the webapp. Change the package name to the right

RE: Retrieving ServletContext Objects via PageContext

2002-09-24 Thread jon wingfield
The following will work: pageContext.getServletContext().getAttribute(dbPool); -Original Message- From: Jason Johnston [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: 24 September 2002 17:25 To: Tomcat Users List Subject: Retrieving ServletContext Objects via PageContext This may be a stupid

RE: HTTP status 500 on a SOAP call

2002-09-26 Thread jon wingfield
you've got a NullPointerException at line 35 of RPCRouterServlet. Have a look at javadoc or java source for that class. Your request is probably not passing some parameter the servlet requires (as a best guess). Tomcat returns an html error report and the soap client is expecting a response with

RE: problem using MultipartParser and MultipartRequest together

2002-10-02 Thread jon wingfield
Have you seen: Policy.html eRenamePolicy.html We use an implementation of FileRenamePolicy when instantiating the MultipartRequest. This may

RE: non-static method cannot be referenced from static context error

2002-10-03 Thread jon wingfield
The oreilly MultipartRequest uses DefaultFileRenamePolicy as, funnily enough, a default when constructing as you have it in your code. Later versions of the API (since 9thMay02) have overloaded constructors where you can specify the FileRenamePolicy. The policy is asked to rename the file before

RE: Does anybody know ?- error 500

2002-10-03 Thread jon wingfield
Two stabs in the dark: Does the user running tomcat have write permissions to the work directory? Out of disk space on the /var/tomcat/work/ filesystem? -Original Message- From: Skorupski Pawe ,(PZUZ) [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: 03 October 2002 11:05 To: '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' Subject:

RE: Does anybody know ?- error 500

2002-10-03 Thread jon wingfield
) at Code) -Original Message- From: jon wingfield [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Thursday, October 03, 2002 12:21 PM To: Tomcat Users List Subject: RE: Does anybody know ?- error 500 Two stabs in the dark: Does the user running tomcat have write permissions to the work

RE: Getting the name of the context

2002-10-04 Thread jon wingfield
you could extract it from servletContext.getRealPath(/); -Original Message- From: shanmugampl [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: 04 October 2002 12:51 To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Getting the name of the context Hi, I have a requirement where i need to know the name of the context i

RE: Tomcat stop when exit telnet session

2002-10-04 Thread jon wingfield
I've never used solaris8 so the following may be in error, but here goes. On linux using seems not only to put the process in the background but also seems to be nohup (no hang up). On hp-ux 10/11 using seems only to put the process in the background and NOT nohup. So, i surmise that solaris8

RE: Action on close

2002-10-07 Thread jon wingfield
You can't rely on the destroy() method on the servlet for this purpose. The container has the right to unload servlets when it chooses as a part of resources management. If you are using a servlet 2.3 spec container use the ServletContextListener as Jake suggests. flame-retardent-suit Death to

RE: error with doUpload() in bean

2002-10-09 Thread jon wingfield
It's a ClassNotFoundException wrapped by a ServletException then a JasperException. The classloader can't find com.oreilly.servlet.MultipartRequest class (and probably the o'reilly jar) at runtime. -Original Message- From: Sam Seaver [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: 08 October 2002 22:46

RE: XMLMapper:Can't find resource for entity error

2002-10-09 Thread jon wingfield
your web.xml file for the xsltExample webapp refers to the servlet 2.3 specification dtd and you are running tomcat 3.x which is an implementation of the servlet 2.2 specification. Tomcat has a cached version of the dtd in one of the jar files that are part of the distribution. This is in case

RE: Error with multipartParser

2002-10-11 Thread jon wingfield
tomcat doesn't use the classpath. It derives where tools.jar is from the JAVA_HOME environment variables. Your application classes should be placed under CATALINE_HOME/webapps/YOUR_WEBAPP_NAME/WEB-INF/classes and your application jar files (ie cos.jar) under

RE: Unable to compile JSP

2002-10-14 Thread jon wingfield
is WEB_INF a typo? it needs to be WEB-INF -Original Message- From: Shanniew [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: 14 October 2002 08:04 To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Unable to compile JSP I have already set the JAVA_HOME, CATALINA_HOME. \webapps\myjsp\WEB_INF\classes

RE: Error with multipartParser

2002-10-16 Thread jon wingfield
it to be, is there a default somewhere that I'm missing? cheers S From: jon wingfield [EMAIL PROTECTED] Reply-To: Tomcat Users List [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Tomcat Users List [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: RE: Error with multipartParser Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 11:11:38 +0100 tomcat doesn't use the classpath. It derives where

RE: Naive question thread

2002-12-19 Thread jon wingfield
i use pstree -aup. Very useful with multiple java apps running on one server :) -Original Message- From: Milt Epstein [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: 18 December 2002 20:15 To: Tomcat Users List Subject: Naive question thread Saw a post in the naive question thread earlier today that

Re: WAP?

2003-01-03 Thread jon . wingfield
Just googled serving wml from tomcat and this article was one of the first: HTH, Jon Quoting Vano Beridze [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Hello I would like to serve WAP clients from my existing WEB App Could you please provide me with

Re: html:errors/

2003-01-28 Thread Jon Wingfield
Are you using log4j? If you are then chack out the It sends a mail each time a message of the required severity is logged. example of log4j.properies portion for this appender:

Re: servlets

2003-01-28 Thread Jon Wingfield
Problem with serialization: 1) Client asks for singleton from webapp and stores it as an instance variable. 2) Client get serialized to some persistance store (db, jms message queue, whatever) 3) webapp goes away (dies, gets shutdown, whatever) 4) webapp restored 5) Client deserialized. Which

Re: about singletons (ot)

2003-01-28 Thread Jon Wingfield
Did someone say Booch utility? see page 2. Actually, this entire set of articles on threading is excellent. Felipe Schnack wrote: These days I was thinking It's not so uncommon to have uses for singleton classes in our

Re: - whats up?

2003-01-29 Thread Jon Wingfield
Just a thought. Have you set your CATALINA_TMPDIR environment variable? Its default value is $CATALINA_BASE/temp which doesn't exist by default ;) klavs klavsen wrote: Hi guys, I've gotten help from John Turner on this problem of mine (where /manager works, and /admin gives me a 404. The error

Re: error page for error code 500?

2003-02-04 Thread Jon Wingfield
If you are trying to generate a 500 by accessing a url outside a context then the error page defined within the context won't get triggered. Where are you putting your error-page tags? You could try altering the web.xml in tomcats conf directory... [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Thank you for the

Re: Servlet produces HTML .. how do i pass attributes in the sessionobject ?

2003-02-14 Thread Jon Wingfield
According to the j2se javadocs neither keys nor values in a Hashtable can be null. It looks like the variable hs returned from getFruits(...) is null... HTH, Jon Mufaddal wrote: Hi ... in my doPost() I do some processing and then I do HashSet hs = getFruits(userName);

Re: crontab problems

2003-02-27 Thread Jon Wingfield
For jdk1.4 you should be able to set the networkaddress.cache.negative.ttl system property to control this. (Assuming the lookups are made using the* sub-system) We're

Re: Filter - ServletContext

2003-02-27 Thread Jon Wingfield
Try: sctx.getInitParameter(...) instead of sctx.getAttribute(...) Günter Kukies wrote: Hello, I want to read some context-param from web.xml within a filter. But the getAttribute is always null. There is no problem to get the same context-param within a Servlet. Thanks Günter Here is the

Re: Performance .. Jsp compile import wildcards

2003-02-27 Thread Jon Wingfield Reynir Hübner wrote: Hi, I'm wondering what kind of performance decrease (if any) it has to use wildcards in jsp import lines. example : %@ page import=java.util.* % .. but not : %@ page import=java.util.ArrayList %

Re: locale

2003-02-27 Thread Jon Wingfield
via a static method on java.util.Locale. In your case the Locale call will be Locale.setDefault(new Locale(br, PT)); You may also want to set the TimeZone in a similar manner. Felipe Schnack wrote: How can i set the default locale of my application? There is a system property to do that? I

Re: Proxy

2003-02-27 Thread Jon Wingfield
try setting the following system properties: *http.proxyHost* *http.proxyPort* Alberto A C A S Magalhães wrote: ** Este email assim como os ficheiros que possa ter em

Re: locale

2003-02-28 Thread Jon Wingfield
And if, for example, you have a UK-en application hosted in a data centre in Germany... Drew Sudell wrote: Yes, but this is an per-instance attribute, isn't it? How could I make it be set in all f Tomcat's VMs? Maybe a java -D option? On Thu, 2003-02-27 at 14:38, Jon Wingfield wrote: via

Re: Mime-Type

2003-03-03 Thread Jon Wingfield
A compiled jsp is a servlet. The content returned from a servlet can be pretty much anything ;) Most likely the returned content will be text/html Anthony Smith wrote: I did not know where ask to else this question. Is there a mime-type for a jsp? If so, what is it?

Re: Objects in JSP PLEASE HELP.

2003-03-04 Thread Jon Wingfield
Given the way your page is currently set up, this should work: snip EditorContent content = (EditorContent)pageContext.getAttribute(content); /snip I can't remember exactly how the TagExtraInfo stuff works but have a look at the compiled jsp (the .java src file) in tomcat's work directory.

Re: Installation - Tomcat 4.1 - Windows 2K

2003-03-04 Thread Jon Wingfield
My dev machine is XP. I haven't set an explicit classpath and everything works fine. So long as JAVA_HOME is set correctly to a JDK installation everything is sweet. Tomcat has all the jars it needs to compile jsp files. I read the link. It says to set the classpath so that DEVELOPERS can

Re: Tomcat on WinXP

2003-03-04 Thread Jon Wingfield
Your jdk is installed at c:\jdk1.4.1 but your echo says c:\jdk1.4 Is that a typo? Denise Mangano wrote: Thanks everyone for answering. I changed my JAVA_HOME to c:\jdk1.4.1 and restarted Tomcat. I still get the same error. The exact error in the log file is: Unable to find a javac

Re: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

2003-03-05 Thread Jon Wingfield
Looks like you've using OpenEJB ;) The OpenEJB distro comes with a war file, which looks like it's been expanded to a context by your tomcat install. However, the war file doesn't contain the required OpenEJB jar files (which probably need to be put in common/lib or server/lib). The class file

Re: getting a reply like this.

2003-06-19 Thread Jon Wingfield
I may be wrong but... This list knows nothing (as such) about [EMAIL PROTECTED] Here's what i believe is happening: 1) You post to the list. 2) List delivers said post to all subscribers. One subscriber is, say, [EMAIL PROTECTED] 3) The Mail Daemon/Post Master at rejects the

Re: JSPs not compiling

2003-07-10 Thread Jon Wingfield
Ok. Looks like you're running a JRE on Solaris. Jsp compilation requires a JDK installation. As to the exception above was detected in native code outside the VM error; have you installed the OS patches required for that version of java?

Re: Servlet Context Listener problem...

2003-07-15 Thread Jon Wingfield
Is that the entirety of your web.xml? The error looks like the parser can't find the definition of the listener element, it hasn't even got to the point of worrying about element order yet. Have you got an xml prolog and a doctype at the top of the file? eg: ?xml version=1.0

Re: Problems compiling tomcat

2003-07-23 Thread Jon Wingfield
It is finding the jar, otherwise you'd be having a completely different error message. ;) The error implies you are compiling against a different version of the commons-fileupload component than the 4.1.24 src was written against. The 4.1.24 binary release bundled

Re: Session persistance after server restart: a bug?

2003-07-24 Thread Jon Wingfield
Not a bug. Standard behaviour. Chack out the Manager element in the server.xml If you haven't got a Manager explicitly added in the server.xml a default is used (stores serialized sessions in a file SESSIONS.ser under the

Re: application scope variable lost

2003-07-28 Thread Jon Wingfield
Even though your Servlet is loaded on startup the container (ie tomcat) is free to unload and reload servlets at any time. This is why it is so much better (IMO) to use ServletContextListeners for application configuration. Does your servlet create empty maps even if they already exist on the

Re: [ot] RE: Bugs, Issues, Tasks, Patches, CVS integration - whichis the best tool

2003-07-29 Thread Jon Wingfield
+1 Reynir Hübner wrote: Scarab. Check out It's excellent. hope it helps -reynir -Original Message- From: Donie Kelly [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: 29. júlí 2003 12:55 To: 'Tomcat Users List' Subject: [ot] RE: Bugs, Issues, Tasks, Patches, CVS integration - which is

Re: how to change to Tomcat work directory

2003-07-31 Thread Jon Wingfield
You should be able to set this by modifying your server.xml and all context.xml files: Set the workDir attribute for your Host (or for the individual Contexts) Set

Re: File cannot be download with security-constraint...

2003-07-31 Thread Jon Wingfield
ah the old IE + SSL + cacheing problem ;) Try adding: final String userAgent = request.getHeader(user-agent); if (response.containsHeader(Pragma) userAgent!=null userAgent.toUpperCase().indexOf(MSIE)-1) { response.setHeader(Pragma, public); } Solved it for us. Jon Rob Tomlin

Re: File cannot be download with security-constraint...

2003-07-31 Thread Jon Wingfield
Cool. Was just writing a response about the headers tomcat adds when using a security restraint. But you've already worked it out... I've only seen the problem when using IE with SSL + security constraint but i guess it's more of a general problem. :( Jon Rob Tomlin wrote: ah the old IE + SSL

Re: Persistent Sessions

2003-08-05 Thread Jon Wingfield
Your HttpSessionActivationListener must be an object bound to the session. So, in your HttpSessionListener's sessionCreated method add the HttpSessionActivationListener to the session as an attribute. HTH, Jon Kal Govindu wrote: Hi Yoav, Ok, now my listener class implements a

Re: Unit Testing

2003-08-08 Thread Jon Wingfield
You could have a look at the MockObjects project on sourceforge. All our servlets, filters, DAO code etc are tested using Mocks :) It's great not needing a db or remote connection or even a servlet container when

Re: Freeing processors

2003-08-08 Thread Jon Wingfield
Thanks for the info. I should have RTFM ;) Mauricio Nuñez wrote: Hi With RH 8, you can see the threads using the option -m Att Mauricio El Jue 07 Ago 2003 09:17, Jon Wingfield escribió: Yep. Since RH 8 the ps command only shows the main java process. In previous versions ps showed

Re: external parameters to tomcat (how?)

2003-08-09 Thread Jon Wingfield
erm. can't you just use init parameters in the web.xml: section SRV.2.3.2 in the servlet 2.3 spec. If the location is for one servlet use a servlet init param otherwise use a servlet context init param. In the latter case you can access it in your servlet by doing (for example): String value =

Re: Freeing processors

2003-08-09 Thread Jon Wingfield
Yep. Since RH 8 the ps command only shows the main java process. In previous versions ps showed the parent process and a child process for each thread the java app spawned. The previous behaviour often lead to confusion relating to memory assignment so i guess that's why RH changed it.

Re: How to configure to use tomcat and struts to use log4j?

2003-08-14 Thread Jon Wingfield
Looks like Struts has a dependency on Commons Logging which is using Log4j under the hood. The commons logging jar is being loaded from a higher level classloader (common/lib or server/lib) and can't access classes only provided by a lower classloader (your webapp). Maybe try having the

Re: [OT] JDBC confusion

2003-08-14 Thread Jon Wingfield
I agree with Nix, use a connection pool. One connection per user may be ok when you've got, say, 5 concurrent users but when you've got 1000, 1, Not scalable.

Re: Custom Tag Lib

2003-08-14 Thread Jon Wingfield
Yikes, calling release() in doStartTag() stops any state being accessible to child (body) tags. That would kill our custom iterator tags. You could have your tags implement the TryCatchFinally interface, instead. That way you'll have a chance to reset state before reuse:

Re: cookie problem

2003-08-14 Thread Jon Wingfield
As Andy remarked: the call request.getCookies(); should return null if there are no cookies submitted. This behaviour is specified in the JavaDocs for both the Servlet 2.2 and 2.3 specs. Tomcat 3 was in error and the behaviour has been corrected for Tomcat 4 and later. HTH, Jon Paul wrote:

Re: Freeing processors

2003-08-14 Thread Jon Wingfield
I think the connectionTimeout parameter controls how long the container waits before giving up on trying to obtain a request processor from the pool. Once the processor has been obtained a runaway/blocked process can stop the processor from being released. One way to get around this would be,

Re: Tomcat does not want to compile

2003-08-14 Thread Jon Wingfield
This is a JBuilder problem not a Tomcat problem. The JBuilder JSP compiler (com.borland.jbuilder.webserverglue.tomcat.jsp.JasperSunJavaCompiler from your stacktrace) can't find the tools.jar of your jdk. Is it in the path JBuilder uses to run the embedded Tomcat? Bob Hacker wrote: I am

Re: Problem : Tomcat can't compile a JSP.

2003-03-07 Thread Jon Wingfield
Ah. That rings a bell. You could be running into the problem where for large pages the generated java method _jspService(...) is too long (32k, i think) and the compilation fails. The use of a lot of custom tags REALLY bumps up the size of the generated java code. In jasper 2 (used in 4.1.x)

Re: Setting

2003-03-12 Thread Jon Wingfield
What happens if you also set\... Mayne, Peter wrote: I have an application running in Tomcat 4.1.18 using JDK 1.4.1 on Windows XP that makes connections to https://...;. If I add the web server's certificate's CA to

Re: class not found in application designed for 3.x, running on 4.1.18

2003-03-13 Thread Jon Wingfield
Try changing the filename from to jsafe.jar. The classloader used for the lib directories only picks up jar files, not zip files. HTH, Jon Seeling Thomas wrote: Hallo, I am using a commercial application which now has a servlet interface in its latest version (Tivoli Framework 4.1).

Re: Running Tomcat on Win XP

2003-03-14 Thread Jon Wingfield
This is a wild stab in the dark but here goes. How much RAM have you got in your XP box? Is the compilation of the jsp/jsps by ant running out of memory? (I think the compilation is out-of-process, but i may be wrong.) If you think you have enough memory then play around with the -Xms and -Xmx

Re: Ejectute a method on an object instance when session is deactivated.

2003-03-17 Thread Jon Wingfield
I think in servlet spec 2.4 there is an event generated just before the session is invalidated. Until then: I implemented a HttpSessionAttributeListener. When a session is about to be invalidated all its attributes are removed. So, if you have an attribute which lasts for the lifetime of the

Re: Possible to have default classes and taglib includes in JSPs?

2003-03-19 Thread Jon Wingfield
You can do a static include of a page which has your default imports: %@ include file=/a_load_of_imports.jsp % Tim Funk wrote: No - you have to explicitly import the classes and/or taglibs. -Tim Gavin, Rick wrote: Hi all, Does anyone know if you can include classes and taglibs in all jsp

Re: Browser got incomplete html

2003-03-24 Thread Jon Wingfield
Have a look in the tomcat log files. Either catalina.out or I'll bet there's an exception in one of those. If a jsp scriptlet or custom tag throws an uncaught exception Tomcat may not be able to forward to any predefined error pages because part of the response has already

Re: Scrollable Tomcatserver window

2003-03-26 Thread Jon Wingfield
nope. That'll be an NT, XP, 2000 feature. ;) Set up your web applications to use log4j (or some other logging package). Convert all System.out.println(...), System.err.println(...), e.printStackTrace() calls etc to use the logging. You won't need to look at the DOS window any more. Also,

Re: PDF over https in MSIE problem

2003-04-02 Thread Jon Wingfield
We had this for content types that IE didn't know about, including application/x-zip-compressed and application/octet By default we have a filter which sets cache headers for everything: snip httpResponse.setHeader(Cache-Control, no-cache); httpResponse.setHeader(Pragma, no-cache); /snip For

Re: open source code and IDE

2003-05-30 Thread Jon Wingfield
You could also take a look at JEdit ( It's a free, open source java ide that has a community writing plug-ins to do most of the things mentioned in previous posts. :) [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: thanks for the replies u got me going , although the IDE looks sweet , similar to

Re: [redirecting startup exception trace to a file]

2003-06-12 Thread Jon Wingfield
adding out.txt only redirects std out. You need to redirect std err, which in dos, i think, is 2 err.txt so: catalina.bat run out.txt 2 err.txt should do what you want. Also on windows 2000 you should be able to set the dos window buffer to, say, . Then the exceptions won't scroll off

Re: webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\classes

2004-03-10 Thread Jon Wingfield
I'm fairly certain classes deployed to web-app\WEB-INF\classes have to be in packages. So your Fruit class should be deployed to web-app\WEB-INF\classes\com\stevensons if the Fruit class is in the com.stevensons package. In your jsp you also MUST import the class you want to use. eg: %@ page

Re: tomcat4.1 for windows,pl

2004-03-24 Thread Jon Wingfield
I just looked at the code you posted. I think it's a NullPointerException within line 33 of your LoginServlet int kode = Integer.parseInt(request.getParameter(kode)); This will throw an NPE if the kode parameter is not set... Is your MIDLet TextField empty when you get this error? If not, check

Re: Getting Context Parameters from server.xml

2004-03-25 Thread Jon Wingfield
If you had String name = config.getInitParameter(companyName); it might work ;) HTH, Jon Michael Jones wrote: Hello- I'm trying to store some values in my server.xml and then get them with my Servlet. I followed the instructions at:

Re: Getting Context Parameters from server.xml

2004-03-25 Thread Jon Wingfield
parameters to webapps. The Parameter tags within server.xml are related to Resources (Data Sources etc) and probably not what you want. Jon Jon Wingfield wrote: If you had String name = config.getInitParameter(companyName); it might work ;) HTH, Jon Michael Jones wrote: Hello- I'm trying

Re: Unix utils for Windows?

2004-04-02 Thread Jon Wingfield I'm using grep, tail and scp on windows xp all the time :) I also like gVim on windows. Shaw, Laurence wrote: Does anyone know where I can find a workable version awk for Windows,( and for that matter most common [U}[Lin]ix utilities) that will run on

Re: Problem with UserTransaction reference within Servlet code.

2004-04-06 Thread Jon Wingfield
The answer's in the question ;) Tomcat is not a J2EE Server but an implementation of the Servlet Specification (which is but a part of the whole J2EE spec). Tomcat's JNDI lookups are in-process only. Need an open source J2EE container? Have a look at JBoss... Hassan Sajjad wrote: Hi Can anyone

Re: Problem with UserTransaction reference within Servlet code.

2004-04-06 Thread Jon Wingfield
/tomcat-4.1-doc/jndi-resources-howto.html Have fun, Jon Hassan Sajjad wrote: Jon Wingfield, thanks for your reply. My application is a Web Application (.war) only, no ejb's etc. However, since I'm using Composite View Pattern (aka Templating), I want different parts to be combined into One View, all

Re: Problem with UserTransaction reference within Servlet code.

2004-04-06 Thread Jon Wingfield
And of course: Although I'm not sure how actively maintained Tyrex is these days. Jon Jon Wingfield wrote: There is always a way ;) Saw

Re: Tomcat Java OutOfMemory Error

2004-04-06 Thread Jon Wingfield
JAVA_OPTS only works for standalone startup not as a service. Found this by googling. Solution is about six down and by user dfortae HTH, Jon shyam wrote: Hi, I not sure about tomcat 3.2.1. In tomcat 4 I have used the

Re: Where to set JAVA_OPTS

2004-04-07 Thread Jon Wingfield
No need to change the script. I normally set an Environment variable in the same place I define JAVA_HOME Go to Control Panel \ System \ Advanced tab \ Environment variables... Well, that's where it is on XP, which i'm currently running. HTH, Jon Giorgio Ponza wrote: [EMAIL PROTECTED] ha

Re: Connecting the HTTP Server and Tomcat

2004-04-07 Thread Jon Wingfield
I may be way off but... I don't think maps to /portal/* ajp13 or probably will, though. Give it a go, may work, Jon Wilson, Allen wrote: Bill..thanks for the reply... I will read through the link you

Re: Connecting the HTTP Server and Tomcat

2004-04-07 Thread Jon Wingfield
not know how to tell..when I check the running ports I see the 8009 port running but it does not hand to Tomcat -Original Message- From: Jon Wingfield [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Wednesday, April 07, 2004 2:09 PM To: Tomcat Users List Subject: Re: Connecting the HTTP Server and Tomcat I

Re: Tomcat does not start !

2004-04-20 Thread Jon Wingfield
Download the binary not the source zip: If you execute catalina run instead of startup you'll see the error in the same shell. HTH, Jon [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, I have installed Tomcat on my windows machine and set the CATALINA_HOME and

Re: ClassCastException with own Principal interface and implementation

2004-04-22 Thread Jon Wingfield
This is probably a classloader issue. The Realm will load classes from the server classloader. Your webapp will also load the same classes in its own classloader. The two types of CrmPrincipal are not assignable so a ClassCastException results. Try placing the CrmPrincipal class in common/lib

Re: accessing jsp on tomcat

2003-08-18 Thread Jon Wingfield
That '!' in your code is very important. Remove it. Read Section JSP.2.11 of the JSP spec to see why you need to remove it ;) HTH, Jon Viswanatha Rao wrote: 1. I access jsp as http://localhost:8080/mycode/hello.jsp?firstname=viswalastname=rao 2. I have jsp code in my application

Re: shutdown tomcat

2003-08-19 Thread Jon Wingfield
So you added an instance of TestTomcatNotifications to a session as an attribute? That's the only way you'll get HttpSessionActivationListener events. You added a listener element to your web.xml registering TestTomcatNotifications as a HttpSessionListener? On shutdown sessionDestroyed(...)

Re: That ever-popular 'wrong version:46, expected 45' message

2003-08-20 Thread Jon Wingfield
The 46 and 45 are magic numbers that the java compiler puts into byte-code. It looks like you are trying to compile with a older (and incompatible) version of javac than the servlet classes were compiled against. I've seen this before when an installation of Oracle added jdk1.1.8 when I was

Re: Error when I load a file

2003-08-21 Thread Jon Wingfield
I'm sure the stackTrace of the thrown exception would give you more information ;) The code as written would try to load the file myprop.prop from the current working directory. This will be where you executed from. If it's not there then you'll probably get a FileNotFoundException.

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