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2009-01-14 Thread russ - maxdesign
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Re: [WSG] Out of Office AutoReply - ADMIN

2008-12-22 Thread russ - maxdesign
ADMIN This user has been temporarily removed from the system. Apologies all Thanks Russ It says lol ­ 5th of Jan ­ anyone want to call him? anybody know when Geoff is coming back?? I am on vacation until 5 January 2009.

Re: [WSG] is there a way to force legend text shows in TWO lines?

2008-11-27 Thread russ - maxdesign
Hey Paul, 1. almost all browsers left-indent the legend element to some degree. They use different amounts, with IE being slightly different to most other browsers. 2. This may have been mentioned in the thread before but FireFox will not allow the legend element to be positioned at all.

Re: [WSG] Web governance - IGNORE POST

2008-11-23 Thread russ - maxdesign
ADMIN Please ignore this post. Focus on the initial question post by Andrew. For those wondering, this post is wrong for two reasons: 1. totally unrelated to list purpose 2. hijacked an existing thread for totally unrelated topic. Thanks Russ on 24/11/08 4:58 PM, Tony Paterson at wrote:

Re: [WSG] Re: Some links for light reading (11/11/08)

2008-11-11 Thread russ - maxdesign
Didn't notice - but how funny :) on 11/11/08 11:28 PM, Dave Hall at wrote: On Tue, 2008-11-11 at 22:33 +1100, russ - maxdesign wrote: The Ethics of Quick Backlinking Strategy ing-strategy-guaranteed Is your

Re: [WSG] Who are the Away on leave Notices from? THREAD CLOSED, THREAD CLOSED, THREAD CLOSED!

2008-11-06 Thread russ - maxdesign
THREAD CLOSED If there are any more posts to this thread I will have to come to your houses, one at a time... Comments? Do so offlist. Please, do not continue this pointless discussion. Thanks Russ *** List Guidelines:

Re: [WSG] Who are the Away on leave Notices from? ADMIN THREAD CLOSED

2008-11-05 Thread russ - maxdesign
ENOUGH! THREAD CLOSED 1. the issue is something we are aware of. The entire mail system will soon be changing so this issue will no longer be present. Please be patient. 2. We have just had 13 people complain about it, on list, which has created more noise than the last month of real away on


2008-10-29 Thread russ - maxdesign
ADMIN Please reply to Levell off-list as this is off-topic Thanks Russ on 30/10/08 2:39 PM, Levell Rampono at wrote: Hi All, I¹m looking for a PHP developer to do some work on a number of site (Sydney). If you are looking for work please let me know [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailto:[EMAIL

Re: [WSG] Email form builder - ADMIN

2008-10-20 Thread russ - maxdesign
ADMIN As this is off topic, please email Paul directly off-list. Thanks Russ Hi all, Does anyone know of a free online resource for building a form that sends an email? One that's aimed at people with limited knowledge of databases. I'm trying to locate one for a friend. He'd like to

Re: [WSG] Fieldsets Legends

2008-10-03 Thread russ - maxdesign
Hi Clare, Roger Hudson recently wrote a detailed article on legends and fieldset - including a series of movies showing both JAWS 9 and Window-Eyes 6.1 in action. The article is here: The relevant movie is here:

[WSG] Accessible Forms using WCAG 2.0- an interesting article by Roger Hudson

2008-09-06 Thread russ - maxdesign
Hi Folks, In case you are interested... Roger Hudson has written a detailed article called Accessible Forms using WCAG 2.0. The article provides practical advice about the preparation of accessible HTML forms. More importantly, it compares the WCAG

Re: [WSG] Google chrome... Accessibility coming very soon???

2008-09-05 Thread russ - maxdesign
The short answer is yes Details of the accessibility of internet Explorer can be found in the VPAT (voluntary product accessibility template) supplied by Microsoft: ( 91e8/IE7_VPAT%20version%201%200.doc) Thanks

Re: [WSG] Google chrome... Coming very soon... ADMIN THREAD CLOSED

2008-09-04 Thread russ - maxdesign
ADMIN THREAD CLOSED The employment aspect of this thread has been closed for two reasons 1. This list does not allow posts about employment opportunities. If you wish tyo post a job, email me offlist and I can add it to the weekly email that goes out to all members. 2. This discussion has

Re: [WSG] Facebook downgrading support for IE6

2008-09-02 Thread russ - maxdesign
Most schools around here don't even allow win2k on their network anymore. An interesting discussion. Agree that Facebook is an application and not a website - and an absolutely huge and complex one. From what I can see, Facebook is doing the right thing... offering full support for latest

[WSG] Google chrome... Coming very soon...

2008-09-01 Thread russ - maxdesign
Some of the many comments about the proposed new Google browser...

[WSG] Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Now Available

2008-08-27 Thread russ - maxdesign vailable.aspx Thanks Russ *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe:

[WSG] Re: WSG promoting standards via teaching? ADMIN

2008-08-05 Thread russ - maxdesign
ADMIN Enough! This thread has been completely out of line. The aim of this list, as others have said, is to HELP EACH OTHER. If you want to abuse people, please use a different list. THREAD CLOSED Russ *** List Guidelines:

Re: [WSG] Spice up your mobile - ADMIN - THREAD CLOSED

2008-07-19 Thread russ - maxdesign
ADMIN - THREAD CLOSED Please do not reply to this thread. The offending party has been removed from the WSG system. Thanks Russ *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe:

Re: [WSG] hoot of the day - ADMIN - THREAD CLOSED

2008-07-08 Thread russ - maxdesign
ADMIN - THREAD CLOSED Please refrain from these type of posts to the list as they are DEFINITELY non-Web Standards related. If unclear, please read the guidelines: If you have an issue with this, please do not discuss it on the list - email

Re: [WSG] Please unsubscribe me - ADMIN

2008-07-01 Thread russ - maxdesign
ADMIN 1. if you wish to unsubscribe, please see the info at the bottom of EVERY post: Unsubscribe:; Remember, telling the entire list that you'd like to unsubscribe is like announcing to a room full of people that you are going to the toilet.

Re: [WSG] Marking Up Poems

2008-06-19 Thread russ - maxdesign
Not if it's your own poem you're putting on your own page. Rubbish - I quote myself all the time! :) Don't you mean: blockquote cite=me Rubbish - I quote myself all the time! :) /blockquote :) *** List Guidelines:

Re: [WSG] Firefox 3 candidate

2008-06-18 Thread russ - maxdesign
Maybe a mac thing but I have have a variety of FF versions (as well as Moz, Opera, Safari, IE and Netscape versions) going back in time on one laptop and can open any as needed. The only limitation I've noticed with Moz related browsers is that you can only open one at a time. on 18/6/08 10:17

Re: [WSG] Job posting - ADMIN - THREAD CLOSED

2008-06-03 Thread russ - maxdesign
ADMIN - THREAD CLOSED Please be aware that this list does NOT allow job posts as is clearly stated in the guidelines: The mail list does not cover: - Employment opportunities If you would like a job posted to the group, email me off list and the

Re: [WSG] Join me on! - ADMIN

2008-05-25 Thread russ - maxdesign
Thread closed. Please do not reply *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe: Help: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [WSG] 5.3 Expansion of abbreviations and acronyms in a document

2008-05-17 Thread russ - maxdesign
a href=; acronym title=Real Simple SyndicationRSS/acronym News Feed/a I'd go for something similar to your option 2: a href=; abbr title=Rich Site SummaryRSS/abbr News Feed /a The advantage of using the abbr element instead of just the a is that users


2008-05-14 Thread russ - maxdesign
ADMIN _ THREAD CLOSED Hi Matthew, Happy to chat with you about mail list options, but this should be sent to the list admins, rather than to the list. All of these sort of comments, enquiries, suggestions should go to: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Thanks Russ on 15/5/08 8:50 AM, Matthew Chambers at

Re: R: [WSG] Alternative to align = center?

2008-05-04 Thread russ - maxdesign
CSS classes are for presentation. Content is content. Centering content is presentation. Class names should not use keywords such as center. centre is not a keyword and can be used. The class centre can then be used anywhere centering is desired. It is quite easy to remember what this

Re: [WSG] transitional vs. strict

2008-04-29 Thread russ - maxdesign
Pages that validate as strict are superior to transitional because Because the strict doctype helps us follow one of the principles of best practice - to remove all presentation from markup. To do this fully, we should aim to remove all presentational elements and attributes from our markup.

Re: [WSG] transitional vs. strict

2008-04-29 Thread russ - maxdesign
For example, I don't use the strict doctype because, its better, cooler etc. I use it because it makes IE6 more predictable as the traditional doctype puts the browser into quirks mode which makes for a few more css display oddities. This is not entirely correct. There is a confusion here

Re: [WSG] transitional vs. strict

2008-04-29 Thread russ - maxdesign
Hey Dory, There are probably more detailed outline of all the differences but the ones listed are a start. If you are after strict validation, then the W3C's HTML validator is your friend. When you test a document using the tool it will tell you what is invalid and (even though the explanations

Re: [WSG] Spam mail got through? ADMIN

2008-04-27 Thread russ - maxdesign
ADMIN Apologies to all for this post. The person responsible for the email has been removed from our list. As Andrew says, please let us know if you have problems rather than post to the list (to avoid additional traffic for members) - using the email: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Thanks Russ on

Re: [WSG] IE 6 bugs

2008-04-25 Thread russ - maxdesign
So this is one of those famed IE 6 bugs that is hopefully going away soon. Two issue sidebar shows up on top and not on the side and some of the fields have a yellow background (less important issue) Without looking in detail, when a column drops in IE6 there are normally 2 common reasons.

Re: [WSG] Centering Elements

2008-04-09 Thread russ - maxdesign
Try this explanation: HTH Russ on 10/4/08 8:31 AM, Chris Kennon at wrote: Hi, I yet to devise an elegant solution centering all elements within div#innerContainer. Would a gifted Standardista offer an elegant backward compatible solution?

Re: [WSG] netscape 4 and css

2008-03-23 Thread russ - maxdesign
Hey Dwain, 1. be aware than NN4 has appalling support for CSS so your styles will have to be quite simple. For example, NN4 requires borders around any containers where background colour and padding are used - in order for the background colour to spread out behind the padded areas. 2. you will

Re: [WSG] netscape 4 and css

2008-03-23 Thread russ - maxdesign
Hi Dwain, Hard to tell what is going on... Can you put a simplified version online for us to see? Easier for people to help then :) Thanks Russ when i view this site on the internet with nn4 the design breaks. i expected this. nn4 sees the background png and the background images as well

Re: [WSG] SEO, fact or fiction - ADMIN - THREAD CLOSED

2008-03-17 Thread russ - maxdesign
--- ADMIN --- Hi all, We have had some complaints that this SEO, fact or fiction thread is off-topic. We have left it alone till now as the list has been surprisingly (spookily) quite for the last week. However, the thread has now gone on long enough.

Re: [WSG] IE8 news

2008-03-06 Thread russ - maxdesign
How many time you guys think that will take to at least 70% of ie7 users update their browsers? I estimate 2/half years ... anyone can predict? Yes, I can predict. IE8 goes on-line August 4th, 2009. Human decisions are removed from strategic browser development. IE8 begins to learn, at a

Re: [WSG] strong element being more semantical and accessible for required field

2008-02-25 Thread russ - maxdesign
I can't speak for screen readers since I've never used one my self... But would there be any reason you couldn't do both and please the client and the screen reader(assuming it does help them)? a simple strong* First Name/strong Just something I thought of :) Interesting discussion. You

Re: [WSG] data generator

2008-02-23 Thread russ - maxdesign
Gary was having a bad day. He's now left the list. Don¹t take his comments personally, anyone! Let¹s all calm down and focus on the topic. Thanks Russ Looks to me like Gary was talking to all of us, or do I understand _list_ differently to others? Joe


2008-02-15 Thread russ - maxdesign
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2008-02-15 Thread russ - maxdesign
Please do not teply to this thread either Russ *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe: Help: [EMAIL PROTECTED]


2008-02-15 Thread russ - maxdesign
This thread has been closed. Twice. No more Thanks Russ I've been vaguely following this discussion and thought I would step in here. *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe:

Re: [WSG] hello

2008-02-13 Thread russ - maxdesign
OK enough. Lets stay on topic before we irritate the masses! Russ List-get-back-on-topic-person *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe:

Re: [WSG] hello

2008-02-12 Thread russ - maxdesign
Have a read of these for the official definitions or descriptions of web 2.0: tml A good slide show on the topic: Or, sit down with

Re: [WSG] Revolutionary news

2008-01-26 Thread russ - maxdesign
May I also add that I do not trust this enough to add it to my flowchart that I've done to illustrate MS proposal... (Which hits a nasty bug in FFox!) It is a very interesting chart (I haven't seen anyone map out the IE8 situation this well), but it also renders poorly in Safari (can't read a

[WSG] Compatibility and IE8

2008-01-23 Thread russ - maxdesign
Hi all, Have you been following the discussions on the IE8 and compatibility for the last couple of days? For those that haven't been following it (or have deliberately run away to hide), here are a few articles to read :) Here is how it all began...

Re: [WSG] Opera files antitrust ... ADMIN

2007-12-17 Thread russ - maxdesign
ADMIN: THREAD CLOSED This has long ceased to be a discussion on standards and has become a political debate. Feel free to move it the the WSG forum or off list if you wish to continue, but no longer on list. Please do not reply to or continue this thread. If you have an issue with the closing

[WSG] Mail issues

2007-12-05 Thread russ - maxdesign
Hey all, As you know, we are experiencing some mail issues. The read receipts issue has been resolved and the offender removed from the WSG system. However, the double posts has not yet been resolved. It appears that the problem is not with the WSG mail server but being caused by someone who is

Re: [WSG] Accessible likert scale (disagree/agree/strongly agree/etc) forms

2007-12-03 Thread russ - maxdesign
Hi Nick, The sample code on this page you link to does not look ideal. As has been mentioned on this list a few times, title attributes are often ignored by screen readers. And the use of a table element to lay out the form is a little odd. Unless I am missing something, I'd say it would be much

[WSG] How to make DHML cover flash - ADMION - THRERAD CLOSED

2007-10-26 Thread russ - maxdesign
ADMIN ­ THREAD CLOSED These sort of comments are not acceptable between members: you are doing more than just your coding wrong you are not fit to manage a commercial development operation Michael and Chris ­ this thread has now been closed as it has deteriorated into an emotional exchange that

Re: [WSG] How to make DHML cover flash - ADMIN

2007-10-25 Thread russ - maxdesign
ADMIN A reminder to all WSG members (and this is not directed at any one individual) this list is all about helping each other. Please refrain from attacking, abusing or ridiculing anyone. Be civil and courteous. If you have nothing positive, informative or helpful to say, please refrain from

Re: [WSG] Priority 2 error - Clearly identify the target of each link.

2007-10-20 Thread russ - maxdesign
Hi Tee, Is it an Idiotic error? Imagine you're blind... Like a sighted user, you want to be able to skim across web pages rather than having to read every single word. For sighted users this is easy, as their eyes can grab snippets of content and subheadings to give them some context - without

Re: [WSG] Priority 2 error - Clearly identify the target of each link.

2007-10-20 Thread russ - maxdesign
You have given a good reason, still, I think that criteria should have room for flexibility (just as George has given the same reason) because, link texts in the articles aren't the same and the excerpt of the article should have given enough information for a user (including screen reader

Re: [WSG] source order

2007-10-09 Thread russ - maxdesign
Is there a prevailing wisdom in this matter? Content first? Or navigation first? You're probably referring to this: It is our view, that a continuation of the practice of placing navigation before the content of the page will benefit some screen reader users, in particular those users who are

Re: A: [WSG] Target Lawsuit - Please Make Yourself Heard

2007-10-03 Thread russ - maxdesign
I can only assume this is an attempt at trolling... Either that or phrases like the web is for everyone has fallen on deaf ears. Luckily, there are laws in many countries to stop companies and agencies doing whatever the hell the like when it comes to website and accessibility. Russ A

Re: A: [WSG] Target Lawsuit - Please Make Yourself Heard

2007-10-03 Thread russ - maxdesign
Which idea of accessability should be imposed? Yours? Mine? There are clearly defined ideas of accessibility for most countries - such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0: Or Section 508 in the case of America: In

Re: A: [WSG] Target Lawsuit - Please Make Yourself Heard -ADMIN

2007-10-03 Thread russ - maxdesign
ADMIN OK, lets keep this discussion civil and productive, people! Russ Admin *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe: Help: [EMAIL

Re: [WSG] Out of Office AutoReply: WSG Digest - ADMIN - THREAD CLOSED

2007-08-16 Thread russ - maxdesign
ADMIN - THREAD CLOSED Yes, it is annoying, and something we are looking into. However, we have requested, MANY TIMES, that you make you comments/complaints/issues known to memberhelp rather than to the entire list - as all you do is aggravate the situation. If issues - send to: [EMAIL

[WSG] ADMIN - You MUST take yourself off the list if setting an away message

2007-08-10 Thread russ - maxdesign
ADMIN If you set your email with an automatic away message, you MUST change your mail settings so that you message doesn't hit the mail list. 1. log into the WSG site: 2. go to members 3. click on Edit your login details and

Re: [WSG] opinions on the sale of - ADMIN

2007-08-08 Thread russ - maxdesign
-- THREAD CLOSED -- This is off-topic so please reply to Matthew OFF LIST If you would like to comment on the closing of this thread, please either reply to me directly, or to [EMAIL PROTECTED] Do not comment on the closing of this

Re: [WSG] Free Web Hosting With No Adds - ADMIN

2007-07-19 Thread russ - maxdesign
We will soon be offering free webhosting services via ADMIN Please make all replies to Marvin offlist as he requested! This is wy off topic Thanks Russ Official off-topic police *** List Guidelines:

[WSG] ADMIN - Maria has left the building, and won't be returning.

2007-07-13 Thread russ - maxdesign
ADMIN Please do not reply to messages posted by Maria Solange Siebra Borges. This users has been taken out of the system. As always, if you havge comments about the mail list or the running of the mail list, then email [EMAIL PROTECTED] Do not send these comments to the list. Thanks for your

Re: [WSG] Re: WSG Digest

2007-07-13 Thread russ - maxdesign
There are about 65 so far. The user has been deleted and we are working on the issue. Apologies to all. Russ on 14/7/07 8:16 AM, Nancy Gill at wrote: Is there a way to turn this guy off? I just got about 15 of these in my email. Thanks!

Re: [WSG] Visual Design Of Websites - ADMIN - very close to closing thread!

2007-07-12 Thread russ - maxdesign
OK, this is not pointed at any one person... Lets get this thread back on topic and into more helpful, positive dialog - NOW! Otherwise the thread will be closed and you will all have to go to your rooms without supper! Russ (with wooden spoon!) If people are as severly misguided as you

Re: [WSG] Visual Design Of Websites - THREAD CLOSED!

2007-07-12 Thread russ - maxdesign
Admin This thread has moved way off topic. No hope of recovery. This thread is now officially closed Thanks Russ *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe:

Re: [WSG] Visual Design Of Websites - THREAD CLOSED

2007-07-12 Thread russ - maxdesign
THIS THREAD IS CLOSED This is the second reply to a closed thread. No more! The list guidelines state: The list administrators (and Core members) reserve the right to unsubscribe any member from the mail list(s)... Reasons include: - Repeatedly replying to threads that have been closed Thanks

[WSG] ADMIN - Vacation messages and the WSG list

2007-07-06 Thread russ - maxdesign
Hi all, A quick reminder... The WSG mail list guidelines state: If you are going away and setting a vacation message, please edit your preferences so that you only receive the Announce list or we'll delete you from the list So, if you are


2007-05-29 Thread russ - maxdesign
Enough with the discussion on off topic on topic. Causing far to much green house gas emissions. Thanks Russ *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe:

[WSG] ADMIN - personal attacks, or disrespect on list are not acceptable

2007-05-25 Thread russ - maxdesign
Hi all, Today we have seen a range of unacceptable behaviour on list including rude or abusive comments, personal attacks and a post to a closed thread. None of these are acceptable and future offenders will be removed from the list immediately. Around 12 months ago I posted about this to the

[WSG] A note from ADMIN - out of office and trimming replies

2007-05-08 Thread russ - maxdesign
Hi WSG peoples Two things to keep in mind - out of office messages and trimming replies. 1. OUT OF OFFICE --- If you go on holidays and set your out of the office message, make sure you change your mail status so you don't send out of the office mail to the list. To change

Re: [WSG] How to mark up a flowchart?

2007-03-26 Thread russ - maxdesign
Forgive me if I sound defeatist in this, but does anyone have any ideas as to how to best markup a film in a webpage in a semantically meaningful way? Without opening another can of worms, there actually *is* a way to add meaning to films - called SMIL - Synchronized Multimedia Integration

Re: [WSG] Recommendations for books to take one to the next level

2007-03-23 Thread russ - maxdesign
Whatever you do, avoid CSS in 10 minutes. The author was obviously a drunken bum who knows nothing. Plus I have heard rumours there will be a CSS in 9 minutes coming out, so why waste that extra minute! On my to-read list, and sitting on my desk, is Pro CSS Techniques. How Pro this is though I

Re: [WSG] stopping the email - ADMIN

2007-03-20 Thread russ - maxdesign
If you could cancel the account for me that would be ace! ADMIN If you want to unsubscribe or you want help with the mail list, please email: [EMAIL PROTECTED] DON'T email the list with these sort of topics as they go out to 4500 people who don't really care about your issues. We, on the other

Re: [WSG] target and accessibility

2007-03-12 Thread russ - maxdesign
a href=LINK title=Buy TITLE 1 nowBuy Now/a a href=LINK title=Buy TITLE 2 nowBuy Now/a a href=LINK title=Buy TITLE 3 nowBuy Now/a a href=LINK title=Buy TITLE 4 nowBuy Now/a a href=LINK title=Buy TITLE 5 nowBuy Now/a This is an elegant solution but has one drawback. The title attribute is

Re: [WSG] Talking about tabular data...

2007-03-06 Thread russ - maxdesign
Not only that the dots look clunky, like a word document user who hasn't yet discovered tabs, and so just uses stops or the space bar. If the dots were essential, they should be created using CSS (definitely presentational as they are there to help line up the two blocks of content). This would

Re: [WSG] Website Directory Structure - Best Practice

2006-03-19 Thread russ - maxdesign
I smell troll here's me showing my greeny status again... ;) What do they mean when they mean when they say that.. :( Someone who posts controversial or provocative messages in a deliberate attempt to provoke flames. Normally young and male, as surprising as that sounds ;)

Re: [WSG] Announcing GrayBit v0.5 Beta

2006-03-10 Thread russ - maxdesign
Is the submission form supposed to work? On both Firefox and Safari 2.0.3 on Mac OS X 10.4.5 I end up with a blank screen when submitting my web site (dynamic using phpWebSite). Try adding http://; in front of the web address before submitting. If the web address doesn't contain the

Re: [WSG] targeting link class problem

2006-03-07 Thread russ - maxdesign
div id=navcontainershort ul li a href=# class=onebla bla/a/li li a href=# class=twobla/a/li Start by thinking of the path from the body to the element you are trying to select. In this case the path (we don't know

Re: [WSG] WordPress - Dropped Sidebar In IE

2006-03-02 Thread russ - maxdesign
I'm working on my 4th WordPress template, but cannot figure out why the sidebar drops down in IE view. It looks fine in Firefox and Opera though. Can someone take a peek at the stylesheet and tell this *newbie* what I'm missing? Hi Artemis, Rather than a solution, here is a possible method of

Re: [WSG] CSS Liquid Design Header

2006-02-22 Thread russ - maxdesign
Do you mean like this? Russ Hi, Can any one point me to a good example of how to do a css header with a background image 100% wide, while having two distinct images on the far left and right and they behave in a liquid manner as

Re: [WSG] Plain text v HTML on this list

2006-02-22 Thread russ - maxdesign
THREAD CLOSED Please do not reply to this thread - it has already been closed Russ ** The discussion list for See for some hints on posting to the list getting

Re: [WSG] Font Sizes - Best practice

2006-02-20 Thread russ - maxdesign
people that use the Internet world wide. Consider this: the number of people that visit my relatively small site every single day would be more people than I've met in my entire life time, so it's hardly... This could be read in two ways. You have a hugely popular site, or you need to get out

Re: [WSG] Breadcrumb as Section Heading H1

2006-02-20 Thread russ - maxdesign
I want to use the name of the site in the H1. Is it appropriate to use the breadcrumb as the H1 element? I'd say it is better to use the h1 element for the site name as an initial statement then use something like an ordered list or unordered list for the breadcrumb: h1 Site name /h1 ol


2006-02-16 Thread russ - maxdesign
ADMIN - THREAD CLOSED Reason: There has been a lot of good points raised within this thread, on both standards and usability. However, we have definitely moved away from cooperative, useful advice on web standards practices towards strongly held and vocal personal opinion. Please do not continue

Re: [WSG] Target sued over non-accessible site

2006-02-09 Thread russ - maxdesign
So I have a question, so even if it's Alt Text, how would a blind person even see to read? Minh, Apart from screen readers that others have mentioned, there are also devices such as refreshable braille devices, which transfer text into braille:

[WSG] Today's lesson: Respect - be courteous up or leave

2006-02-09 Thread russ - maxdesign
I want to talk today about respect. For those of you who have not heard of this concept, respect is sometimes defined as courteous regard for people's feelings. When you reply to a post on the list, you should at all times try to do so with respect. Everyone on this list is entitled to their own

Re: [WSG] 3 column layout - centre column forced below side columns in IE at low resolution

2006-02-08 Thread russ - maxdesign
What I'm looking for is suggestions of better columnar layout in which rather than the centre column dropping down, columns stay where they should and the browser's horizontal scrollbar appears instead. This problem is due to IE's rendering of content and containers. Other browsers honour

Re: [WSG] A hand with text wrapping around images in CSS?

2006-02-06 Thread russ - maxdesign
Actually, when I examine your css more closely - you are already doing this, although you havent applied a width to make the float valid... Apologies for being nitpicky here but a width does not need to be applied to images that are floated as they already have intrinsic width. A floated box

Re: [WSG] Gaps At The Top - ANSWER

2006-02-03 Thread russ - maxdesign
Without wanting to unleash too many ponies, I would be interested to know why using 0(px | em | %) is so much of a standards blunder.  I'm sure there some obvious answer but for the life of me, I can't think of one :). It's definitely not a standards blunder to add units to a 0 value, just

Re: [WSG] Gaps At The Top - ANSWER

2006-02-03 Thread russ - maxdesign
Just to be clear, unitless non-zero values are appropriate for line-height and are generally preferred, since computed values are not inherited. A good point, Felix. Also

Re: [WSG] Gaps At The Top

2006-02-02 Thread russ - maxdesign
Adding a margin: 0px; to the H1 element pushed up to the top. Remember, every time you add units to a 0 value, a web standards fairy dies. To avoid this on your conscience, simply use margin: 0;. Apart from the lives you could save, think of the bandwidth savings! Russ Web standards shetland

Re: Moral High-horse - was Re: [WSG] Failed Redesign and the Media

2006-01-31 Thread russ - maxdesign
As a far-from-guru-status Web Standards supporter/coder (I try) I have witnessed, on this list and on another css-specific list, quite a bit of condescending and 'forced-opinion' type of replies. It doesn't make for a nice atmosphere when looking to these lists for help. Completely agree. The

Re: [WSG] Cite in blockquote

2006-01-26 Thread russ - maxdesign
It said that 'cite' is an attribute for the source of a blockquote, which makes sense. However, when I tried to use it, I saw no difference, not something when I hovered the blockquote or right clicked. It is also possible to display the cite attribute using attribute selectors, (except in

Re: [WSG] Title Attribute

2006-01-19 Thread russ - maxdesign
The flexibility of the title attribute (as opposed to the title element) can be seen in the ever-exciting W3 technical reports. Two places that are always a great read, and full of surprises are the List of attributes [1] and List of elements [2]. The list of attributes shows the title and has

Re: [WSG] Title Attribute

2006-01-19 Thread russ - maxdesign
The impression I'm getting from the replies today are title as an attribute, has inconsistent interpretation by most UA's. However, as an element it is essential to the document. Is this interpretation correct? Steve's article would back up your comment that the title attribute is

Re: [WSG] what cms system - THREAD CLOSED

2006-01-18 Thread russ - maxdesign
THREAD CLOSED The mail list does not cover: Discussion of content management/web publishing system issues beyond those directly involved with Web Standards (there is a CMS list for that purpose, Log in and go to Edit your login details and mail list subscriptions and set your preferences to Full

Re: [WSG] IE5.5 indenting list items

2006-01-16 Thread russ - maxdesign
I have played with margins, padding, text align and text-indent. I even removed the float on the container div and the problem persists. Has anyone encountered this before? A link to online sample of this problem, stripped back to just the problem area, and a link to the stripped back css


2005-12-19 Thread russ - maxdesign
ADMIN THREAD CLOSED Reasons for closing: The CSS driven thread has gone on far too long and has been dangerously close to flame-wars on several occasions. Time to move on please. Please do not reply to this post or continue this thread. If you have a comment or an issue with the closing of this

Re: [WSG] Help with CSS ul

2005-12-17 Thread russ - maxdesign
Hey Jose, It seems that you are referring to the li elements within the #contentright div? I don¹t have IE in front of me but there is a known whitespace bug to do with IE and list items. There are a range of methods that can be used to fix it including: 1. floating the li 2. setting the a

[WSG] Posting and discussions on the WSG list

2005-12-17 Thread russ - maxdesign
Hi all, Generally speaking, the WSG list has a great vibe - with members helping each other and offering advice. However, I have been concerned with a recent trend on list. There seems to be an element of lecturing, chest beating and heavy-handed criticism. Can I ask all members to think of a

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