[Zope] dtml2zpt

2005-12-01 Thread Infor Gates
Dear zopist I am trying to pick up zpt. Is there an equivalent command in zpt for dtml-call RESPONSE.redirect('home_page'). Thank you. __ Yahoo! Music Unlimited Access over 1 million songs. Try it free. http://music.yahoo.com/unlimited/

Re: [Zope] Erase acl_users

2005-12-08 Thread Infor Gates
There is zpasswd.py in the bin directory. Use it to create an emergency user. Good luck. --- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, I have a problem. I erase object acl_users in root directory and now I canĀ“t login in zope. Zope have site error on http://locahost:8080/ An error was encountered

[Zope] Simple User Folder Setup

2005-12-09 Thread Infor Gates
Dear zopistI am having problems in setting up Simple User Folder.Error Message:Error Type: UnconfiguredException Error Value: Addition of users has not been configuredI have googled around for an answer. However, there is very little info on it.My Configuration: Zope2.8.4 / Windows XP Pro /

Re: [Zope] Simple User Folder Setup

2005-12-12 Thread Infor Gates
be better the README file can improve this aspect. Then I believe everyone would enjoy using the SUF.Chris Withers [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Infor Gates wrote: I am having problems in setting up Simple User Folder. Error Message: Error Type: UnconfiguredExceptionError Value: Addition of us

[Zope] Cookie Crumbler

2006-01-04 Thread Infor Gates
Dear zopistI have a trying time using Cookie Crumbler 1.2 with Zope2.8.4 (windows version).I could NOT figure out how to log out a user. I have simplified to the orginal logged_out form to this:dtml-call "RESPONSE.expireCookie('__ac_name')" a href=""logout/aHowever, neither this nor the original

Re: [Zope] Cookie Crumbler

2006-01-05 Thread Infor Gates
Yes, after reading the source code. However, my problem as I found out is that I do not know how to access the methods in CC from DTML. I am not well verse with Python (still learning though).Thank you.Dieter Maurer [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Infor Gates wrote at 2006-1-4 20:14 -0800:I have a trying

Re: [Zope] Cookie Crumbler

2006-01-06 Thread Infor Gates
Thank you for your patience. Please do pardon my ignorance - am still at learning the learning stage.ChDieter Maurer [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Infor Gates wrote at 2006-1-5 14:11 -0800:Yes, after reading the source code. However, my problem as I found out is that I do not know how to access

Re: [Zope] Zope 2.7 with postgresql 8.1 anyone?

2006-01-17 Thread Infor Gates
I am used Zope 2.7.x and 2.8.x with Postgresql 8.0.x. They do not have any problems. I am using psycopg 1.1.21 and Windowz XP. Iave not tried psycopg 1.2.xDavid [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Is anyone using successfully Zope 2.7 with postgresql 8.1?Or any other version of Zope?What is your database

Re: [Zope] Zope and Sqlite3 adapter

2006-01-21 Thread Infor Gates
I don't use sqlite. I hope this linki http://www.initd.org/ would be useful to you.CYDavid Pratt [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Dieter. Many thanks. :-) I was hoping there might be something but if I cannot locate anything existing, I will likely go this route if I can find a bit more

[Zope] Multiple Zope Instance

2006-02-02 Thread Infor Gates
Dear zopistI am using Zope 2.8.4 on windows. I have installed and created a zope instance-1 which run as a service in WindowXP. Later, I created a 2nd zope instance-2 by mkzopeinstance.How can I configure zope to run zope instance-2 as the default service instead of instance-1?Thanks alot.CY

Re: [Zope] Multiple Zope Instance

2006-02-03 Thread Infor Gates
, is this the "right" way to use multiple instances?Any advice.Thanks.michael nt milne [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: You just change the port numbers in the zope.conf file. Change zope-instance-2 to run on 8080.On 2/3/06, Infor Gates [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:Dear zopistI am using Zope 2.8.4 on windo

[Zope] Summary variables is removed in version 2.9?

2006-04-11 Thread Infor Gates
Dear ZopistI have upgraded my Zope 2.8.x to Zope 2.9.0. I have used the dtml-in sequence which uses the summary variables (e.g. total-count). It works well in 2.8. However, when I ported the same dmtl-in sequence, the summary variables are not shown. There is no error message too.I have checked

Re: [Zope] psycopgda

2006-05-05 Thread Infor Gates
version 1.0.0 is very old. You should try the last stable version 1.1.21. I have used this version with Zope 2.8.x with Postgresql 8.0.x. It is stable.CYJosh Stephenson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I recently installed psycopgda version 1.0.0 and restarted zope. I can see that it installed because

Re: [Zope] Z SQL Method question

2006-06-03 Thread Infor Gates
Dear Martin If you build your form with formulator, formulator add a prefix (field_variablename) to your variable. You need to use: dtml-call "YourForm.validate_all_to_request(REQUEST)" to remove the prefix (field_) before updating your database. Plesae read formulator help to see more examples.

[Zope-DB] ZPyscopgDA for Windows XP

2005-05-27 Thread Infor Gates
Dear Zopists I am looking for ZPyscopgDA that works with Postgresql 8.0.3 on Windows. Can anyone point me to the URL? I found an old version ZPyscopgDA ver 1.0.12 for window binaries. However, it does not work with Postgresql 8.0.3. My Zope version is 2.6.4. Error message:

[Zope-DB] Re: Antwort: Re: 1. help appreciated [Virus checked]

2006-01-13 Thread Infor Gates
Hv u try using the ZSearchInterface calling your ZSQL method (below). Try it. It will solve your problem except the layout is not good looking. Hiowever, you may to modify it to pass arguments to your ZSQL method. Look for: dtml-if previous-sequence a href="" (Previous dtml-var

[Zope-DB] Oracle 9i, Zope 2.9.0 and Windows

2006-04-04 Thread Infor Gates
You can use www.egenix.com for connection to Oracle ortry Postgresql 8.x. Postgresql can run natively on WIndows XP Pro. The adapter is available from www.initd.org. CY|I'm doing a commercial project on Zope 2.9.0 in which I have to read |and write data to Oracle database. It won't be a

[Zope-DB] Multiple databases connection

2006-06-07 Thread Infor Gates
Dear listMy organisation received databases uploaded from our branches. These branches databases are then restored into the main system. The Main Office then access to these databases individually.Currently, separate copies of the same zope application is copied in the same Zope server