Re: [Zope] Ann: Free Zope hosting from NIP

2000-05-23 Thread Simon Coles
Hi Again, Thanks to all the people who signed up for our Free Hosting Option. We reached our maximum capacity after 3 hours, 5 times the number of applications we were expecting! :-) Unfortunately, this means that no more Free Hosting accounts are currently available. We plan to monitor usage

[Zope] Proposal for mail-in to Zope

2000-05-31 Thread Simon Coles
Hi, We (NIP - in the form of Chris Withers, Stephen Harrison, and Simon Coles) have put some thought into the question of how to get emails into Zope, and have come up with a design which we thought we'd pass by the list before we start doing something. The problem we are trying to solve

Re: [Zope] Strange Zope behavior/Instability

2000-06-01 Thread Simon Coles
Hi, For reasons unknown we lost http connectivity to our Zope server three times last night. I've checked the http logs and, as I suspected, didn't find anything unusual around the time we lost connectivity. The Python processes are still running and everything looks normal except for the

Re: [Zope] Proposal for mail-in to Zope

2000-06-05 Thread Simon Coles
I think this is pretty much what we're intending to do. We haven't decided about XML-RPC Vs ZClient. The aim is to get something (anything) working, however hard coded, and then improve it. Simon "Kevin Dangoor" [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hmm... "takes the email message and puts it into

Re: [Zope] Proposal for mail-in to Zope

2000-06-05 Thread Simon Coles
"Cary O'Brien" [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: - pull mail from a POP or IMAP server. This had the downside that it introduced polling into the system (slow) and also required something to happen on a schedule, which doesn't happen in Zope yet. Here I'd have to disagree. I

[Zope] ZMailIn 0.1 - mail into Zope

2000-06-21 Thread Simon Coles
Hi, A few weeks ago we had a discussion on this list about a way of getting mail into Zope. We've been doing some work in this, resulting in "ZMailIn". We've put a preview version of ZMailIn up on, at ZMailIn allows you to send an email into

[Zope] ZCatalog attachments?

2000-08-04 Thread Simon Coles
Hi, We have binary files stored in Zope, for example Word documents (but could be any of a variety of document types). We would like to be able to index and search the contents of these files using ZCatalog. So if a Word file contains the word "Fred", then any search for "Fred" would include

[Zope] My notes from the Paris EuroZope meeting

2000-08-24 Thread Simon Coles
Hi, During the EuroZope meeting I was taking notes for my own use, and a couple of people asked if I would make them more widely available - so here they are. Because they were taken during the session (and I've got RSI :-) they are bitty and may not make sense. They are also only a

Re: [Zope] multiple ZOPE ...

2000-09-26 Thread Simon Coles
We host zope using mutliple installations of zope. Yes, that's what we do for our "Professional" Zope hosting. For "FreeZope", you just get your own folder, and it lives under We have a standard list of products, and we don't allow people any more. It

[Zope] BBEdit and Zope (was GoLive)

2000-11-01 Thread Simon Coles
My experiences have been with BBEdit 5.x, has anyone tried BBEdit 6.x with DTML? I've used BBEdit 6.0 for occasional Zope use, and haven't really noticed a difference against version 5.x for editing DTML - but then again, I haven't been looking. The *really* annoying problem with BBEdit 6.0

Re: [Zope] Zope Book Beta

2000-11-01 Thread Simon Coles
I wholeheartedly agree with Jason and Chris. I would very much appreciate a PDF version that could be easily printed, or read with Adobe's Reader. If you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat (you have to pay for it, as opposed to the free Reader) you can "Capture" web pages into a PDF. I

Re: [Zope] ZopeWeaver?

2000-11-29 Thread Simon Coles
Hi Andy, "Andy" == Andy McKay [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: There are now all manner of Dreamweaver extensions, both Andy I tried it briefly and found that Dreamweaver cant seem to Andy handle a file with no extension such as index_html, so gave Andy up. Yes.. it's

Re: [Zope] Factoids for supporting zope

2000-11-29 Thread Simon Coles
A clarification here. It refers to Digital Creations being a long term viable business entity. When we made "The Zope Decision", one of the attractions of the Zope/DC relationship is that whilst it is obviously very nice for everyone if DC continues to exist, and continues with their current

Re: [Zope] Zope vs. java solutions : looking forward ?

2001-01-12 Thread Simon Coles
Actually, I think their problem with python is that they are scared to invest in learning it and not be able to use it for future projects. I don't think there's much investment required to "learn Python". Any techie worthy of the name should be able to pick it up in a matter of hours or at

Re: [Zope] Zope and Linux flavors

2001-01-16 Thread Simon Coles
Which Linux distributions are you using for running Zope and how easy it was for you to maximize security of your server? We run a variety of RedHat 6.1, 6.2, and 7.0 and Debian 2.2, as well as Solaris. We apply all the latest updates, turn off services we don't use, and proxy Zope through

Re: [Zope] Apache with Zope

2001-01-17 Thread Simon Coles
Hi there !! I have zope and apache listeners in one machine !! Is there any way to have only apache receiving requests for zope and apache, without having two listeners ??? I'm thinking of some module that provide zope funcionalaty to apache ! Without having ProxyPass and RewriteRule directives

Re: [Zope] Zope with SSL on Cobalt RAQ3

2001-01-17 Thread Simon Coles
Does anyone have any experience doing this? I have been beating my head trying to get this thing to work because the RAQ2 Apache is customised and doesn't take kindly to trying to add mod_proxy etc. No one in the RAQ2 user groups seems to know how to get this to work so I thought I would see if

Re: [Zope-dev] Unit testing, ZUnit

2000-10-24 Thread Simon Coles
What do people think of this? What does DC think of this? Can I go ahead and develop it in this direction? For our XP endeavors, we've developed a testing framework we call SimpleTest, which tests our systems using HTTP requests. Tests are written in XML, along the lines of: ?xml

Re: [Zope-dev] Mailing List Archives

2001-05-13 Thread Simon Coles
On 13/5/01 8:04 pm, Chris Withers [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: What's the UI like into this? If it's good, and you'd be willing to ship us the code and pre-loaded data, I think arms could be twisted here to host and maintain thos in favour of our curent Lotus Notes archives. I can feel my arm

[Zope-dev] Distributing Zope one of our products

2001-09-26 Thread Simon Coles
Hi, You may know that as well as doing Cool Things With Zope, we also do stuff with Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs) - not using Zope unfortunately, but that's another story. Anyway, we have come up with an Open Source ELN (OS-ELN), which is based on Zope and the CMF. Readers of this forum

Re: [Zope-dev] Open letters, hijacking and the like

2001-12-03 Thread Simon Coles
--On Sunday, December 2, 2001 3:08 pm -0800 Clark O'Brien [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On the one hand ZC is this munificent benefactor of Zope. On the other hand ZC is this poor cash strapped little company that can't afford to take any interest in Zope unless they have an immediate