On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 08:23:13PM +0530, Himanshu Joshi wrote:
>    Lets SGE-discuss answer the question,
>    As you have rightly pointed out I would like to mention that at the time
>    of first installation,  I specified "default" as the cell name. But
>    default was never used as qmaster host in  any of my installation trial.
>    Subsequently I had deleted the default folder from my $SGE_ROOT directory.
>    And again put cell name as default
>    The same error continues
>    Data Base Updated
>    Error: Cannot create keystore /var/sgeCA/port6444/default/private/keystore
Is the directory above on a NFS filesystem perhaps?

Did you specify a user other than root to install as?  It looks like you are 
as a user called 'default' but that user doesn't exist.  Not sure how that 
happened as 
if you entered it by hand the existence of the user should have been checked 

One possibility is that the installer picked up the username from a directory 
from a network filesystem of some sort where the user is valid.  If network 
filesystems are
involved you'll want to ensure that usernames and group names, uids and gids  
match across the cluster or are reliably translated.

Are there any directories that appear to be owned by user 'default'  
does getent passwd default return anything?


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