Thanks Love,
Apologies for mixing up the two different pipelines.
Let me start from scratch and follow the procedure recommended by you.
I am hereby requesting you to share your recommended procedure/pipeline for
the installation of SGE on my workstation first and later I would like to
implement it on a server client setup.

Looking forward for receiving the procedure recommended by SGE.


On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 7:32 PM, Dave Love <> wrote:

> Himanshu Joshi <> writes:
> > Thanks Love,
> >
> > Let me provide the relevant information
> >
> > My static host name status says
> >
> >    Static hostname: mbialjpj
> >    Pretty hostname: MBIALJPJ
> >          Icon name: computer-desktop
> >            Chassis: desktop
> >         Machine ID: 431da268159243088e0e02874e8d36bf
> >            Boot ID: 24057a4a63554a72b9c7b4b7d9e72b74
> >   Operating System: Red Hat Enterprise Linux
> Apologies, I'd forgotten Java uses amd64, and not x86_64, which
> suggested Debian.
> Anyhow, I still don't know exactly how the build was attempted, but if
> you don't want to use the RHEL7 packages, or at least follow the build
> recipe from the rpm spec file in the distribution, I think you're on
> your own.  Doing anything much different is probably not going to work.

Himanshu Joshi
M.Tech. Cognitive & Neuroscience.
Ph.D Scholar,
Department of Psychiatry
NIMHANS, Bangalore
Multimodal Brain Image Analysis Laboratory
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