All I have to say is, I love you ODE - never a lie !!!!!    That is why you are 
my best long distance teacher of things  electrical !!!!!
Peace, love and hugs
An attitude of gratitude is everything!!!
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On 20 Sep 2016, at 6:59 am, Ode Coyote <> wrote:

It always runs at a fixed max current of 1 milliamp tailored to the surface 
area of the electrodes in order to prevent the formation of a super saturation 
zone at the surface of the electrodes [The Nernst Diffusion layer]

 In order to get to that max current, the medium has to be at around 10 uS 
[microsiemens per cubic centimeter] conductivity. [still under supersaturation]
The addition of silver ions makes the medium more conductive till that 10 uS is 
reached, then the programmed mode kicks in using time as the variable since a 
constant current will produce a constant number of ions, therefore, once 
current has ramped up to the point that is is a constant the Faraday equations 
then only have one variable, that being time...and you tell the generator how 
long to run, adding to the conductivity referenced 10 uS [ essentially 10 PPM 
in that range] in a predictable manner.

Super saturation forces ions to form uncharged particulates using anything they 
can find, usually dissolved oxygen making silver oxides which will make a batch 
appear yellow, and/or they will react with any contaminant present.

Making ionic silver quick requires a LOT of electrode surface area and since 
silver is soft, mounting all that becomes an engineering problem requiring 
electrode arrays [ a forest of electrodes] which have to be wired up and 
properly spaced and stabilized in position....very difficult for the average 
 Huge electrode replacement difficulties as well.

The SilverPuppy does the same thing that the "silver edge POS does..only, the 
silver edge has no relevant control of current at 40 milliamps [achieved with a 
2 cent resistor vs the transistor feedback monitoring the Silver 9 uses] which 
is only useful for preventing fires should you short out the electrodes.

It is not predictable and will 'run-away' on an acceleration curve...the only 
thing that makes it work as well as it does is a stream of bubbles acting as 
insulators interfering with current flow... but anything in the air goes into 
the water with those bubbles.
 The silver edge is also DC output, so electrode deposits will build up if the 
bubbles don't just blow them off into the water.

 The Silver 9 uses SWAP technology [ Yea, sales speak BS, but it does actually 
mean something and does something very useful ]
S.W.A.P stands for square wave alternating polarity..with a five minute cycle 
time turning almost all of the waste created by DC units [silver oxide and 
silver hydroxide] back into ions saving a lot of silver so the electrode last a 
whole lot longer.

I would not make ionic silver in anything but the purest of water.
Contaminants of any kind makes results unpredictable and the process while 
adding electro chemical electron transporters [ie:  while under power] makes 
everything that much more unstable and reactive.

 But, you can do anything you want won't hurt the generator and if you 
like it?  Why the heck not?
If not, toss it and do something else.

Nothing 'migrates' in a gel...making silver in semi solid medium probably won't 
work at all


On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 9:49 PM, Jerry Durand <> wrote:
I'm not Ode, but the SilverPuppy runs in constant current mode.  If I remember 
right it's 1mA.

On 09/19/2016 06:20 PM, bobLists wrote:
> hi Ode........
> will your current silver puppy 9 run manually at a fixed known current if 
> desired?
> if it can be switched to that mode it can be used to make nanoparticles, 
> stabilized and capped, using "green synthesis" if you like with stuff like 
> turmeric, olive leaf, green tea extracts and lecithin or gelatin.  and can 
> make known ppm w' calculations and careful timing, right?
> people are wanting to be able to make ionic quick and unattended, and also to 
> make NP's when desired.   at least that's what i'm training people to get 
> into in FB conversations.
> the silver-edge can do either.... chintzy hyped POS that it is...
> thanks, bobL

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