Could someone explain to me what EIS is?
Thanks Nicky

> On Feb 8, 2018, at 9:05 PM, Neville <> wrote:
> Well, I can tell you first hand for the Shingles virus.  Family member had 
> considerable rash/blisters/ scabs etc blah blah, front on stomach and back on 
> one side of the torso.  This person took *nothing*, repeat, *nothing* from 
> the Medical Fraternity, I treated it immediately with EIS, externally, then a 
> cough was developed later so treated EIS using a Nebuliser. The Shingles 
> cleared up and scarring was minimal, if at all.  Some post hermetic neuralgia 
> was experienced, but only for a couple of weeks from memory, then settled 
> down and the Shingles was cleared.  I have administered EIS to two (2) people 
> who were diagnosed with Shingles and both were successful, at home.  For what 
> it's worth.
> The only question I can't find an answer to is - - Had the original Chicken 
> Pox virus been eradicated and would/could/can catch Chicken Pox again later 
> in life?  Don't know and can't find out?
> This is the problem with our EIS, you can't find very much help via 
> research...Anywhere?  The only way to find things out is really by 
> experimentation, using yourself, or someone else, as a guinea pig.  Thinking 
> and reasoning and questioning is the only way to find out things for oneself. 
>  You'll either cure something, or it might be non effective, or you might 
> kill yourself, so be it.  At my age I don't really care anymore, and I ain't 
> dead yet, nor are those other two people, one much younger and 
> one...Old-"ish". <g>
> There is nothing to lose by using EIS, non toxic blah blah...  Don't believe 
> most of what you hear/read is all I can say.  But I make a distinction 
> between 'CS' and 'EIS'.  Others might argue that, but I won't.  They need to 
> read much more and understand the distinction between both, but I won't go 
> into that, they can.
> N.
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> Subject: CS>CS and viruses
> Greetings,
> How effective is CS against viruses in general?  While these are a lot 
> smaller than bacteria is, does this pose a problem?  What about effectiveness 
> against such viruses as those of HIV and ebola and even the flu?  I keep 
> thinking about applications in Africa.
> Reid