LOL...They don't speak that language Sandee, all they can speak about is CS, 
swept up everything silver using a VERY big broom, which could be anything due 
to their not knowing what EIS is.  People can ask about it of the FDA, and even 
our TGA if they wish, but they won't get an answer, cos they don't have 
anything to report.  Ignorance is bliss I say...LOL.  That's why I make a 
distinction between EIS and 'CS'.  CS could be anything, and usually is, but 
EIS specifically references the predominantly home made ionic product using 
LVDC, and more effective.

Sorry, but I have to reply to Reid here cos I lost his message somehow 
<shrugging shoulders>.

Reid, EIS is *positively* electrically charged.  Dissolved silver forming 
'ions', and ions are positively charged using the home made product by LVDC 
electrolysis.  That's why it's so effective for health applications, internally 
*and* topically.

People call *all* silver preparations 'colloidal', but in the true sense it 
doesn't contain actual "metallic silver particles".

Yeah, I know, people will argue that, but not with me if they research the 
difference between both products.  Nit picking perhaps, but so be it <g>.


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In my language contrived for the FDA it is electrically isolated silver just to 
give them something to contemplate !!!!!
Peace, love and hugs
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