I too would like to have a fairly explicit answer, so I'll venture my
understanding in hopes that others might correct any shortcoming.

EIS is Electrically Isolated Silver, while this is frequently described by
the generic term, Colloidal Silver.  I.e., EIS is most certainly not the
only type of silver colloid.

EIS is negatively charged silver, and as such, passes the body through
elimination after it has facilitated its healing.  If I may I'll suggest
further a sort of a loose consensus that EIS is viewed as optimal at 10 ppm
(parts per million).

(Please forgive my interjecting religious commentary, while some will
rightfully view this as an imposition:  EIS is God's gift to those in need
of an antibiotic, bearing in mind His various observations that the dogged
pursuit of money is evil.)


On Fri, Feb 9, 2018 at 9:08 AM, Nicky <> wrote:

> Could someone explain to me what EIS is?
> Thanks Nicky
> On Feb 8, 2018, at 9:05 PM, Neville <> wrote:
> Well, I can tell you first hand for the Shingles virus.  Family member had
> considerable rash/blisters/ scabs etc blah blah, front on stomach and back
> on one side of the torso.  This person took *nothing*, repeat, *nothing*
> from the Medical Fraternity, I treated it immediately with EIS, externally,
> then a cough was developed later so treated EIS using a Nebuliser. The
> Shingles cleared up and scarring was minimal, if at all.  Some post
> hermetic neuralgia was experienced, but only for a couple of weeks from
> memory, then settled down and the Shingles was cleared.  I have
> administered EIS to two (2) people who were diagnosed with Shingles and
> both were successful, at home.  For what it's worth.
> The only question I can't find an answer to is - - Had the
> original Chicken Pox virus been eradicated and would/could/can catch
> Chicken Pox again later in life?  Don't know and can't find out?
> This is the problem with our EIS, you can't find very much help
> via research...Anywhere?  The only way to find things out is really by
> experimentation, using yourself, or someone else, as a guinea pig.
> Thinking and reasoning and questioning is the only way to find out things
> for oneself.  You'll either cure something, or it might be non
> effective, or you might kill yourself, so be it.  At my age I don't really
> care anymore, and I ain't dead yet, nor are those other two people, one
> much younger and one...Old-"ish". <g>
> There is nothing to lose by using EIS, non toxic blah blah...  Don't
> believe most of what you hear/read is all I can say.  But I make a
> distinction between 'CS' and 'EIS'.  Others might argue that, but I won't.
> They need to read much more and understand the distinction between both,
> but I won't go into that, they can.
> N.
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> *From:* Reid Harvey <>
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> *Subject:* CS>CS and viruses
> Greetings,
> How effective is CS against viruses in general?  While these are a lot
> smaller than bacteria is, does this pose a problem?  What about
> effectiveness against such viruses as those of HIV and ebola and even the
> flu?  I keep thinking about applications in Africa.
> Reid