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mherger wrote: 
> (...)
> Spotty should run on MacOS, Windows (needs MS VC 2015 runtime, 32-bit!),
> and many Linux flavors (i686, x86_64, ARM HF & SF). But make sure you
> have the IO::Socket::SSL module installed in your environment. Spotty
> would tell you if you didn't.
Das hast Du jetzt geschafft.

mherger wrote: 
> Spotty is known to run perfectly well on eg. Raspberry Pi 2/3.
> *Unfortunately many NAS devices using ARMEL CPUs won't be supported*
> (eg. ReadyNAS Duo/NX v2, some of the cheaper Synology devices). I'm
> currently running it on a piCorePlayer setup on Pi3, connected to the
> aforementioned ReadyNAS Duo v2 - and it's so much more faster than the
> NAS alone, it's worth it :-)
> (...)
Da hakts wohl am (von mir) fett gedruckten.

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