It highlights the particular joint weights by selecting in list of Paint 
Weights Tool ToolSettings - equivalent of selecting in list of SI Weight Paint 
Panel - that's what I've used in SI, too, method suggested by Stefan. 
Otherwise, Ng skin tools has a number of SI like options, like smoothing the 
entire array of influences at once, not only one selected influence. And 
more.Another only Maya option I've found really nice, is ability to quick 
export the weightmaps as bitmaps and manage everything in another way ( this 
works as long as there is a non-overlapping UV on object, and joint-bitmaps 
names are matching). These days I'm playing with small setup in Houdini, able 
to create skin weights procedurally in Houdini and replace some of these 
bitmaps created by Maya, it seems to be really promising.As it is mentioned 
already, there are thousands of available scripts for all purposes, whenever I 
got idea to script something, there was ready solution on internet - so by this 
tempo, I'm afraid I'll never learn MEL properly....While, yeah, nothing of that 
is quick and streamlined like Softimage.About managing the related nodes, 
here's RMB on top right corner of Attribute Editor, generally (generally... ) 
this displays entire DG chain as a list (no need to run through tabs).
- painting skin weights: in Soft, pick a bone in the viewport, paint, 
pick another bone, paint. In Maya the workflow in slower.

- in soft, when I select a bone in the weight editor, it's highlighted 
in the viewport. In Maya it's the assigned vertex that are highlighted. 
But this is not handy when you stumble upon a bone which do not have any 
vertex assigned to it.

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