Hello Tomas,

> Hey Stefan, Neal, Avi,
> please keep in mind Spacewalk 2.10 is the last Spacewalk release planned by 
> Red Hat with a release date within a month. No further contributions to 
> Spacewalk are to be expected from Red Hat after May 2020.

This is what I was already assuming (not even expecting 2.10). That is the 
reason for my own efforts to somehow keep the project alive.

What will happen to the project (Github, COPR, spacewalkproject.org) after 
2.10? Will it be closed or transferred fully to the community? I see it a bit 
difficult to further develop the project if the community is then locked out. 
Starting off a new fork from scratch for Spacewalk 3 (=RH drop out, RHEL8, 
Python 3) and therefore setting up a new community would certainly cost an 
unwanted toll.

Can I volunteer to join the project board?

Best wishes,


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