Dear list,

I have spacewalk 2.4 installed on a CentOS 7 host, and manage CentOS 7 servers 
with it. Now I found that in /etc/yum.repos.d/ all configured repositories 
point to Internet repos. Which is not really how it should be, hosts should use 
the internal spacewalk repos. I assume this is due to packages like 
centos-release* being installed. I am just taking over this environment, so I 
am not 100% sure how all this came together.

Nonetheless, I need to fix this. If I just delete the packages to which the 
repo definitions belong to, I am left without any repositories (I have checked 
- none point to the internal repo, all belong to some installed package). As 
the clients are assigned to certain channels, I would like to add the 
corresponding repositories again.

So far I have tried re-registering the client with

# rhnreg_ks --serverUrl= 
--activationkey=<key-with-rhel-custom-channel> --force
No success. I have also removed all channel subscriptions, and then added them 
again, no success.

What would be the easiest, or most reliable way to get the correct repo 
definitions back?

Maybe my assumption is wrong, but since the spacewalk client tools have 
knowledge of the subscribed channels, I assume that there is also a way to get 
the corresponding repository definitions in some automated way. What would that 

Any hint or feedback is appreciated.


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