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Don't shoot the spam victims, even the ones who sent money to the
spammers. They're still victims, albeit victims of their own stupidity.
Have a good laugh at their expense, then show them there is a better
way. Teach them how to read headers and report spammers, introduce them
to spamassassin, give them the hard sell on the boulder pledge, guide
them to nanae if they need to be really rabid :)

Yorkshire Dave

Sorry Dave, I have to disagree with you here. As an admin who provides in-house support, I lose respect for the average human being. I cannot tell you how many times I have to remove virii, reinstall s/w or entire OSen, or remove spyware. These are adult who repeat their actions.

After admonishment and my removal of chat and file share software, one employee re-installed the software. I removed again, and told her manager. He supposedly talked with his department about it. But...I found it again!

They are after "free" stuff. Jokes. Porn. Games. "cool" software. Screensavers. Pirated software. I fix the computers, and they do it again. They DO NOT care. I would love to disconnect them from the LAN and make them do everything via low bandwidth connections. They have no respect, and expect my support because I am on salary.


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