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Hello Steve,

I still get those telemarketing calls, and I still tell them that.

Having gotten involved with SA, and having now built up my spam corpus, I
find I feel better about doing business with online businesses -- before
I do anything with them, I check my corpus for their domain, and if found
I send them a "I'm looking for xxx, but I don't do business with
spammers" email, and move on. If I don't find any spam referencing that
company, then I gladly explore opportunities with them.

Bob Menschel

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Tuesday, June 17, 2003, 2:03:50 PM, you wrote:

JO>> There is, of course, one other thing we need to do:  we need to find
JO>> those people that BUY stuff from SPAM, take them out back and shoot
JO>> them dead. CAUTION:  before implementing said procedure, please
JO>> check with your local law enforcement to determine if this is legal
JO>> in your area. ;)    

SP> The funny thing is that at the moment I AM looking at refinancing and
SP> lower mortgage rates and saw a few spams go by (that were
SP> successfully tagged by SA) on the subject. ...  

SP> When I used to get telemarketing phone calls there were times when I
SP> was actually interested in the category of product being called
SP> about, but I always told the caller that it was too bad they had
SP> called because I am actually interested in such a product, but have a
SP> policy of never doing business with a company that telemarketed me so
SP> they were now out of the running.     

SP> Steve

Best regards,
 Robert                            mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

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