I have severe problems in getting the purple speedtouch 330 to establish
an internet connection on Fedora 11.
After installation of Fedora, I copy the files speedtch-1.bin and
speedtch-2.bin to /lib/firmware.
After plugging in the modem, the /var/log/messages shows it synchronizes:

ATM dev 0: ADSL line is up (6112 kb/s down | 832 kb/s up)

So far, so good. The problem is how to tell the system to add a
DSL-connection with ppp over atm. I first try to use the tools that Fedora
gives me:

Preferences->Network Connections
Here I can add a DSL, which asks me for a username, password and a
service. What is a service?
Authentication methods chap and pap are enabled
The IP4 settings only let me choose between two methods for ppp0E and one
'manual' which aks me things I do not understand. My impression is that
ppp over atm is unknown.
I go no further along this path.

Administration->Network gives me the possibility to add a new device, to
choose from several device types, among which xSDL. If I choose that one,
it wants me to install package rp-pppoe. Once again ppp over atm is
I avoid this approach too.

I decided to follow the instructions for speedtouch 330 installation for
several distributions on sourceforge.
These tell me to create the file ifcfg-ppp0
Of course I change the entries
to my personal settings

I also create a file named secrets, once again changing the contents to my
personal settings.
I copy these files to other places using the commands:

install -m400 ifcfg-ppp0 /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts
install -m400 secrets /etc/ppp/chap-secrets
install -m400 secrets /etc/ppp/pap-secrets

Having done this, I reboot. The line goes up, but there is no connection.
Not even a message that it is trying to authenticate.
I would expect module pppoatm to be loaded, but it is not.
I 'modprobe' this module it and it appears, together with some other modules:

pppoatm                 4528  0
ppp_generic            23416  1 pppoatm
slhc                    5200  1 ppp_generic
atm                    41168  2 pppoatm,usbatm

I disconnect and reconnect the modem. The line comes uo again but still no
authentication after that, no even an effort to do so.

Going to Adminstration->Network, I see that a device ppp0 now is there as
type xSDL, though inactive. And the hardware is seen as an ethernet type
with device 'pan0'.

Things are certainly more easy with OpenSuSE and Mandriva.

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