> I have severe problems in getting the purple speedtouch 330 to
> establish
> an internet connection on Fedora 11.
> After installation of Fedora, I copy the files speedtch-1.bin and
> speedtch-2.bin to /lib/firmware.
> After plugging in the modem, the /var/log/messages shows it
> synchronizes:
> ATM dev 0: ADSL line is up (6112 kb/s down | 832 kb/s up)

Hi Ed,

please note this is a bit OT here because your ADSL connection seems to
work. You simply can't get pppd to work with it.

Anyway, the problem is probably in the pppd invocation. In one of my nodes,
I have the following:

/usr/sbin/pppd unit 0 user xxxxx remotename ppp0 linkname ppp0 defaultroute
persist maxfail 0 holdoff 30 ipcp-accept-remote lcp-echo-interval 12
lcp-echo-failure 5 plugin passwordfd.so passwordfd 3 connect true plugin
pppoatm.so vc-encaps 0.8.35

Pppoatm works fine there.

Please note pppd can't connect via an ADSL modem directly: it has to use the
pppoatm plugin, which generally is brought by the pppd package itself. The
runstring with which pppd is invoked should show a 'plugin pppoatm.so ENCAP
[ITF.]VPI.VCI' somewhere, otherwise you are not using the pppoatm plugin...

Check that this is your case.

> ...omissis...
> Things are certainly more easy with OpenSuSE and Mandriva.

Thank you for the information: I didn't know OpenSuSE and Mandriva did
support pppoatm. You mean via gui, right?


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