Hi Ed,

> A search through the WindowsXP directory brought to light that the very
> old file alcaudsl.sys is still there. Not a suprise as I used the
> installation disk from 06-06-2002 to load the speedtouch driver under
> WindowsXP after I had installed WindowsXP. So I suppose it is the one used
> by WindowsXp.
> file: /Windows/C/WINDOWS/system32/drivers/alcaudsl.sys
> md5sum: 8080b5ea17a763bbce6c92bbc6ceefe8
> The firmware files that I have been using for years for all Linux
> distributions are:
> /lib/firmware/speedtch-1.bin
> md5sum: be58aef97d8435dce070c96574c06564
> /lib/firmware/speedtch-2.bin
> md5sum: 4dc23adb72007919f30d50ebcf222f8a
> I tried to find the .inf files that contain the words you mentioned using
> search commands like:
> grep -rsiH modem /Windows/C/WINDOWS/* | grep -rsi option
> grep -rsiH DSL /Windows/C/WINDOWS/* | grep -rsi Max
> but none had anything the like.

try searching for alcaudsl.

> I only find the files
> /Windows/C/WINDOWS/inf/oem8.inf
> /Windows/C/WINDOWS/inf/oem9.inf
> that contain words like speedtouch or alcatel.
> So, as a consequence, I do not find any parameter information.
> Suppose I boot into WindowsXP, is there some manner in which I can
> retrieve information about the parameters you mentioned?

Not really.  You can use a usb snooper to see what windows is sending
to the modem, but that's not for the faint hearted.

Do you see the message "OAM not supported" in dmesg output?



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