Hi Ed,

> pop up every 10 minutes. What is strange is that this behavior does not
> happen under WindowsXP. Distributions like OpenSuSE however suffer from
> this problem. Ubuntu 9.04 is even worse. Under Unbuntu, the modem is more
> busy with synchronizing than with serving my connection.

perhaps the modem needs newer firmware to handle these speeds.  Are you
using the same firmware as with windows XP?  It may also be that the
modem needs to be initialized differently (all kinds of mysterious stuff
happens at modem initialization time, and it's not clear what it is).
In the windows ".inf" file you may find settings like "BMaxDSL",
"ModemMode" and "ModemOption", perhaps not with exactly those names.
These seem to be important parameters, and we managed to implement them
as module parameters for the speedtch module.  The default values are
"8128", "11" and "0x10,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x20" respectively.  Try changing
these to the values you see in your ".inf" file.  The values can be set
using modprobe.

Good luck,


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