> ...omissis...
> Hello Giampaolo,
> Thank you for the information.
> Since my file /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ppp0 contains the
> line
> LINUX_PLUGIN=pppoatm.so, the problem is that the file is simply not
> invoked?
> It explains why the module pppoatm is never loaded automatically.
> Where does one invoke the line
> /usr/sbin/pppd unit 0 user xxxxx remotename ppp0 linkname ppp0
> defaultroute persist maxfail 0 holdoff 30 ipcp-accept-remote
> lcp-echo-interval 12 lcp-echo-failure 5 plugin passwordfd.so passwordfd
> 3
> connect true plugin pppoatm.so vc-encaps 0.8.35  ?

It is probably some rc script devoted to network setup, but the exact script
and how configure things the right way is very distribution-specific and I'm
completely clueless under Fedora.

The best I can suggest to you is to ask help to some network-related Fedora
list. Sorry.

> ...omissis...
> OpenSuSE and  Mandriva do not fully support the speedtouch 330. The
> problem is the firmware, which is not loaded automatically (though
> Mandriva Ppowerpack seems to see to this too).
> But once the ADSL line is up, the configuration via a gui is very
> straightforward under both OpenSuse and Mandriva.
> Now I must admit that this is my first try wth Fedora and the
> installation
> DVD seems to be a bit buggy.
> My experiences with Ubuntu are not all to pleasant too. In fact someone
> had to write explicitly an usbadslmodemmanager package to get things
> going
> there.

I see. Thank you.


> Ed

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