James Steward wrote:
On Mon, 2007-12-17 at 15:30 -0600, Fred Williams wrote:
A hundred or so Visual Basic programmers are cheaper to replace and
"maintain" than one good Delphi/C++ programmer. ;-)  That is the reason
management likes "Visual XXXX."  Been there, learned that.  Hire the
staff from the largest pool, not the most effective.  Besides it's damn
hard to be a prima donna, when your replacement is ready to jump off
that forklift and learn a cushy job.

For some reason your original never showed up in my mailbox.  Pity<g>

When you can hire a forklift operator to program (well, that is), you can just as likely have the computer program itself at zero labor cost. Oh (100 * $45,000/year = $450,000. I'll be happy if someone would pay me that much<g> I should ask for a raise.) It's also an exponential growth rate in management costs to manage one hundred people instead of one<g>


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