On Mon, 2007-12-17 at 15:30 -0600, Fred Williams wrote:
> A hundred or so Visual Basic programmers are cheaper to replace and
> "maintain" than one good Delphi/C++ programmer. ;-)  That is the reason
> management likes "Visual XXXX."  Been there, learned that.  Hire the
> staff from the largest pool, not the most effective.  Besides it's damn
> hard to be a prima donna, when your replacement is ready to jump off
> that forklift and learn a cushy job.

Ouch.  Lucky Visual XXXX is not a cross platform language.  Show the
Visual XXXX programmers a bit of Tcl/Tk and watch them wilt!

It looks like Xilinx wrote their entire ISE GUI in Tcl/Tk, and the
backend apps are cross compiled.  I can run it on Linux as well as
NoDose, and the GUI is identical.  Try that in Visual poop.

You might have cheap programmers today, but tomorrow they will be less
useful.  Look out for Tux!

At every planning meeting I push open source, and cross platform
solutions, because I know today the majority is still under Bill's
spell, but the magic in Vista is fading...


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