I was a die-hard Amiga programmer years ago and swore never to put a PC on
my desk at home.  Unfortunately they used them at work, so I was forced to
learn it.

After a few years of being a broke enthusiast on the Amiga, I wrote a
business app on the PC in Visual C and VB3.  It was my first Windows app,
and I sold it for 6 figures to a Fortune 100 company.

I quit that day job, started my first software company, and the PC has been
on my desk ever since.

Although I did abandon VB before VB4 came out (in favor of C/C++) I have
been using Visual development tools ever since.  So you guys can knock it
all you like ... I and thousands of others have made quite a pile of money
spinning Microsoft-driven products :)


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> On Mon, 2007-12-17 at 15:30 -0600, Fred Williams wrote:
> > A hundred or so Visual Basic programmers are cheaper to replace and
> > "maintain" than one good Delphi/C++ programmer. ;-)  That 
> is the reason
> > management likes "Visual XXXX."  Been there, learned that.  Hire the
> > staff from the largest pool, not the most effective.  
> Besides it's damn
> > hard to be a prima donna, when your replacement is ready to jump off
> > that forklift and learn a cushy job.
> Ouch.  Lucky Visual XXXX is not a cross platform language.  Show the
> Visual XXXX programmers a bit of Tcl/Tk and watch them wilt!
> It looks like Xilinx wrote their entire ISE GUI in Tcl/Tk, and the
> backend apps are cross compiled.  I can run it on Linux as well as
> NoDose, and the GUI is identical.  Try that in Visual poop.
> You might have cheap programmers today, but tomorrow they will be less
> useful.  Look out for Tux!
> At every planning meeting I push open source, and cross platform
> solutions, because I know today the majority is still under Bill's
> spell, but the magic in Vista is fading...
> Ciao.
> James.
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