I too use a TPLink Archer C7 and find it to be an excellent router.  I
used to have frequent interruptions and inability to connect to the
server when I ran LMS on my Windows 7 then 8 then 10 PC.  Since I
switched to using a Raspberry Pi 3 running PicorePlayer I have had
basically zero issues.  The most difficult part for me was getting it to
see my music but once I sorted all of that out it has been running
perfectly for about a year now.  I have occasionally experienced some
buffering when playing back some internet radio streams but that could
very well be the radio station or brief slow downs in my internet
connection causing that problem.  In my setup my server that I use as a
player also and my primary living room player (an Rpi running
picoreplayer connected to a 7 inch touchscreen) are both wired but my
bedroom Radio and theater room Classic are wireless.  We have four
iPads, two iphones and a Kindle Fire that all connect wirelessly without
issues.  I am not a computer guy and can't speak for technical reasons
why but I believe that all of the bloat and background processes that
Windows machines are constantly running probably interferes with LMS
causing disruptions.  Before you go spending gobs of money on Sonos I
would at least try running LMS on an Rpi to see if your issues aren't
related to your Windows PC.

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