I would concur with this. 50% is not good WiFi. My set of five players
never drop below about 70% for years now. Definitely you want LMS on a
static IP, and hopefully you can just assign a static DHCP IP on your

But I'd also say that tp-link is not a super high quality aftermarket
router. Cheap and cheerful brand, generally decent but not special. I
have a draytek wifi access point, just being an access point and it
gives me rock solid WiFi with 15+ devices coming and going all the time
(including Chromecasts and swathes of android, apple devices), and use a
Linux box to run DHCP and routing services (dnsmasq is great). I
literally never see issues. My WiFi SBT in the kitchen will stream BBC
iPlayer at three higher bitrate literally all day every day without
buffering or pausing once.

Get rid of the consumer gear and problems tend to go away.

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