Mnyb wrote: 
> Get an even better router that can run two wi-fi networks one 5ghz ac
> and one 2.4 ghz you can dedicate to legacy stuff .
> Or maybe dedicated access pionts a mest network or whatnot .
> What about router placement ( read up on that google is your friend )
> worst case itÂ’s in one corner of the house meaning that 3/4 of its
> coverage is outside.
> If one lives in a house with a whole family  not an apartment as i do .
> One should not expect a single consumer router to do the jobb .
The furthest SB is approx 20m away, that one shows >70% signal.  The
closest is about 2m.  They both experience the same problems.  This is a
dual-band router with 2.4 & 5gh plus a guest network.  Not ready to
build a commercial network, it's cheaper to buy a Sonos system frankly. 
I wouldn't know how to start anyway, way beyond my skill level.

Next step seems to be assigning IP's & other stuff statically.  I don't
know how to do that either.  IF there's a useful guide here someone can
point me to, great, otherwise I'll just start googling.

Thanks again guys.

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