On Fri, 22 Nov 2002, Nathan Bubna wrote:

[big snip]

> > >
> > > #showNavBar( true)
> > >
> >
> > Fine ... still looks like a scriptlet to me :-).
> looks can be deceiving!   with a proper velocimacro, the HTML isn't
> hard-coded into java classes.  that may not be important to some folks, but
> it is to me.  i think it goes a long way toward *encouraging* good MVC
> separation.  it's not just a matter of syntax, but of design philosophy as
> well.

A similar feature is part of JSP 2.0, by the way.  A page author can point
at a chunk of JSP code (rather than Java) and create a reusable widget,
optionally with parameters, which the JSP compiler essentially turns into
a custom tag automatically.  The page author using the widget invokes it
just like any other custom tag.  Among other things, this supports the
kind of separation you suggest.

> Nathan Bubna


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