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I am talking about this:
I'm assuming you're talking about the Prerequisites section. There are two answers to your question: 1. (sugar-)jhbuild needs a certain set of packages to work at all (git, svn, ...), so those need to be installed before you even start sugar-jhbuild. While we could do some wrapper checking for all of these programs and warning the user accordingly, I do not see any real advantage in doing so. The user (*) should read the instructions (i.e. the wiki page) anyway. 2. (sugar-)jhbuild only has support for single packages as dependencies, not package groups (Debian tasks, Fedora groups, ...). Adding support for this is possible, but again with little benefit (as we'd only need it for prerequisites).

BTW text like "the dependency check will fail if you don't have a DISPLAY set" does not mean too much for Windows people like me (I did manage to google the answer so it was not a question).
I've never seen that happen, so that note is gone for good now. If it evers occurs again, please file a bug (as it definitely is a bug).

(*) Read: developer / power user. sugar-jhbuild is not meant for "ordinary" users.

CU Sascha


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