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All bookmarks suddenly disappeared.  I have XP Pro set to show all files
directories and sub directories. Doing a file search for Bookmarks.html
does not turn one up of sufficient size. And the ones that do show are
not related to SM other than the new one it has just created.

I would appreciate counsel and direction.

I do not see that SM creates a backup bookmark file. Is this correct?
How can this be done?


Dan C

Dan, SM does not, natively, make backups of your SM files. There are some here-abouts that would recommend you use a program call "MozBackup" to save all your profile information. Do a search for it!

In SM, have a look at Edit|Mail&Newsgroup Account Settings and select "Server Settings" of your Mail account. At the bottom of this screen, you should see "Local Directory". This is where your profile (your incoming/outgoing emails, etc.) is stored.

Now, whilst still in SM, have a look at Tools|Switch Profiles. Do you have more than one profile available?? If so, select the other accounts to see if your lost info is in one of the others!

Report back!

(using his sister's computer)
(Test driving SM 2.x)
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