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Jens Hatlak wrote:
Dan C wrote:
I do not see that SM creates a backup bookmark file. Is this correct?

Yes. Bug 226720 and others discuss how to overcome that situation but unfortunately there's currently no development in that direction. I for one think that the application should take care of bookmarks backup itself. If we adopted Firefox's bookmarks backend we'd get backup for free but as much as I'd like to see bookmarks backup I don't think that should be the main factor in the decision whether to use Places for bookmarks in SeaMonkey.

but FF2 used a backup and it wasn't using places at the time.

Good point. I found the matching bugs (where the respective patches are attached) and added a comment to Bug 226720 so that when the bookmarks backend story is decided we'll have everything we need to implement backups if the backend doesn't provide it yet.



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