Jens Hatlak wrote:
Dan C wrote:
I do not see that SM creates a backup bookmark file. Is this correct?

Yes. Bug 226720 and others discuss how to overcome that situation but
unfortunately there's currently no development in that direction. I for
one think that the application should take care of bookmarks backup
itself. If we adopted Firefox's bookmarks backend we'd get backup for
free but as much as I'd like to see bookmarks backup I don't think that
should be the main factor in the decision whether to use Places for
bookmarks in SeaMonkey.

How can this be done?

I like straightforward solutions so I wrote a little batch file
(doSMbak.bat, but you can name it differently of course) that does what
I need and placed it on the desktop:

@echo off
cd E:\path\to\my\seamonkey\profile
copy *.html bak
copy *.s bak
copy *.w bak
copy *.mab bak
copy *.db bak
copy *.js bak
copy *.rdf bak
copy *.txt bak
copy *.dat bak
copy hostperm.1 bak

All you need to do is adapt the path (and drive letter) and create a
directory called "bak" in your profile, then you can start the batch
file at any time, even while SeaMonkey is running (the bookmarks file is
written every time you change a bookmark). Even though it's just one
backup that is overwritten every time it saved me from losing my
bookmarks several times (my PC is freezing up almost daily). It's also
really fast. Of course you should do a real backup (full disk/partition,
incremental or differential etc.), too.



Hey Jens, wouldn't it be better still to save the files outside of the profile, maybe like:-

Copy *.html D:\My Documents\SeaMonkey\Profile\ *.html.bak (similar for each line)?

(using his sister's computer)
(Test driving SM 2.x)
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